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Where to get Manila’s most luxurious mooncakes

Did you know that the moon is considered to be a symbol of abundance and fortune? 

The Mid-Autumn Festival — the time in which the moon is said to be at its brightest, fullest, and luckiest — is fast approaching. This is why the holiday, which falls on September 29th this year, is best celebrated by indulging in some decadently rich mooncakes with your closest friends and family. Possessing a wide variety of flavors and fillings, from velvety lotus seed paste to rich, creamy custard, check out where to get Manila’s most luxurious lunar pastries here: 


Canton Road (Shangri-La at the Fort)

Embossed with the Canton Road logo, Shangri-La at the Fort’s mooncakes boast an impressive variety of flavors, which include Jasmine Tea, White Lotus with Salted Egg Yolk, Pineapple and Walnuts, Red Bean and Pine Nuts, Black Sesame with Salted Egg Yolk, and Mixed Nuts. 

Enjoy your personal selections as they are artfully arranged into sets of two (PHP 1688.00 net) or four (PHP 3388.00 net), tucked as mini cakes into the drawers of a cheongsam box (starting at PHP 1688.00 net), or packed into a luxurious hamper (starting at PHP 5,888.00 net) also filled with chocolates, cognac, and the restaurant’s signature XO sauce. 

Mooncakes are available in regular (PHP 788 net/piece) and mini (PHP 588 net/piece) sizes. 

How To Order: Check out Shangri-La at the Fort’s online shop or contact Canton Road through or +63 9175363287. 


China Blue (Conrad Manila) 

Excitement and delight are what you can expect to find within the mooncakes offered by the multi-awarded Hong Kong-born chef Jereme Leung. Mixing together tradition and modernity, China Blue’s lunar pastry options include four distinct varieties: Red Bean with Salted Egg Yolk, White Lotus with Salted Egg Yolk, Thai Milk Tea with Cashew Nut Coffee, and Rose Petal with Pineapple Paste. 


All varieties are available in sets of four (PHP 3,888.00 net/box). 

How to Order: You may check out Conrad Manila’s online shop, reach out to China Blue through, or contact +63 9176503591 or +63 2 88333333. 


Summer Palace (EDSA Shangri-La)

There’s a reason why flavors rooted in the classics are beloved! Handcrafted with tradition, care, and familiarity, EDSA Shangri-La’s mooncakes capture the timeless quality of a pastry that has claimed the hearts of a people for thousands of years.



Take your favorite pick from quintessential varieties such as White Lotus, Red Bean, Mixed Nuts, Durian, Black Sesame, and Green Tea. All mooncake varieties are available to order per piece (PHP 488.00 net) or packed in gift boxes (starting at PHP 1,988.00 net/box). 

How to Order: You may check out EDSA Shangri-La’s online shop or contact +63 2 86338888, ext. 8803. 


Man Ho (Marriott Hotel Manila)

Let’s hit two birds with one stone: If you’re looking for how to order luxury mooncakes for a cause, then Marriott Hotel Manila will surely not disappoint. Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, Marriott Hotel Manila has committed to donating a part of the proceeds from mooncake purchases to a chosen beneficiary of the Marriott Worldwide Business Council Philippines. 

On the mooncake side itself, Man Ho adds a modern twist onto the usual traditional fare, with its heavenly four-flavor selection of Red Lotus Paste with Salted Egg Yolk, White Lotus Paste with Salted Egg Yolk, Durian, and Wine Cranberry. All varieties are available to order per piece (PHP 588.00 net), in sets of four (PHP 3,388.00 net/box), or in sets of six (PHP 4,388.00 net/box). 

How to Order: You may check out Marriott Hotel Manila’s online shop or contact +63 9176245980 or +63 9175489553. 


Red Lantern (Solaire) 

Solaire has been a welcome, consistent participant in mooncake festivities for years, for great reason. When it comes to blending together tradition and innovation, Red Lantern — or rather, the masterminds behind it — never backs away from a challenge. 

Case in point: Executive chef Tai Siew Hong and chef de partie Ralff Jiang have crafted the 2023 mooncake selection, which showcases out-of-the-box flavors, such as Avocado Custard, Chocolate Coffee, Black Sesame and Chocolate Wine, and Mango with Chocolate Lemon, alongside traditional varieties White Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk and Red Bean Paste with Egg Yolk. Mooncakes infused with either Dalmore whiskey (starts at PHP 28,888.00 net/box) and Penfolds wine (starts at PHP 8,888.00 net/box) have also been released as limited edition items, inclusive of your preferred bottle of whiskey or wine. 


Red Lantern’s mooncakes are available for purchase as eight-piece Teochew boxes (starts at PHP 4,888.00 net/box), six-piece traditional mooncake boxes (starts at PHP 6,688.00 net/box), and two-piece mooncake boxes (starts at PHP 3,688.00 net/box). 

How to Order: You may check out Solaire Resort’s online store or contact +63 2 88888888. 


Hua Yuan (Hilton Manila) 

Mooncakes come in all shapes and sizes, and those from Hilton Manila certainly impress. Beautifully molded into intricate dragon heads and lotus blooms, Hilton Manila’s mooncake set, the Moonlight Bloom Collection, presents a generous assortment of traditional mooncakes (starting at PHP 1,888.00 net/box), boutique mooncakes (6 pcs) (starting at PHP 1,888.00 net/box), snow-skin mooncakes (6 pcs) (starting at PHP 2,588.00 net/box), Shanghainese mooncakes (6 pcs) (starting at PHP 988.00), and luxury mooncakes (6 pcs) (starting at PHP 9,888.00 net/box).


Available traditional and boutique mooncake flavors include White Lotus, Mixed Nuts with Ham, and Black Sesame with Egg. You may also check out some boutique-only varieties, such as Milk Custard, Red Dates with Walnut, and Coconut. 

How to Order: You may check out Hilton Manila’s website, reach out to MNLPH_F&, or contact +63 2 72397788. 


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