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Which type of Chinoy are you in the barkada?

1. The Out-Going One

The kind of friend who always has “plans” even after school or work. Also known as the planner of the barkada, who takes the initiative to organize hangouts, group trips, host house parties, and more. Overall, this friend loves having all kinds of adventures, and you admire his/her spontaneous spirit because of this. 

2. The Friend with Tiger Parents 

Many of our Chinoy friends undoubtedly have very strict tiger parents that before they could come to outings, hangovers, or even overnights they’d need to ask permission. Owing to their tight curfews, they occasionally have to leave early.

3. The Studies/Career First, Love-life Later 

Well, above all others, most Chinoys are known for prioritizing studies first. It’s sort of our parent’s golden rule. So, if you have friends that aren’t in a relationship yet. Aside from studies, he/she is probably focusing on other responsibilities such as career or work.

4. The Native Hokkien Speaker 

Most of our Chinoy friends are notorious for practicing with their native-speaking Hokkien language. Occasionally these friends get along very well when they meet our articulate Chinese speaking parents.

5. The Matchmaker  

We all have one friend the so-called “matchmaker” of the group who constantly takes the initiative to make set-ups. This friend is also known as the secret cupid of the group and ensures to perfectly match his/her friends even the ones with “great-wall.”

6. The Mother/ Father

This person acts not only as a friend but also as the group’s acting mother/father making it a point to check on their friends constantly. He/she is also known as the “responsible” one and when a friend is down, they’d do anything to make them feel better. 

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