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Why 地下鐵 Is A Must Watch Chinese Drama

Prepare your tissues for this 2006 tearjerker TV series that tells a story of a beautiful blind DJ (晶晶, played by Ruby Lin) who meets a skilled artist with Leukemia (雲翔, played by Wallace Huo) at a subway. Their story goes way back when 雲翔’s mother died from Leukemia and was supposed to be an eye donor for 晶晶 in which 10-year old 雲翔 objected to, hence she lost her chance of having a compatible donor and stayed blind due to a car accident that caused her to lose her eyesight. As if played by destiny, they meet again on one unfortunate day and soon after became lovers with the question on how they would be able to deal with their ill-fated past through a roller coaster of emotions that tackled problems on love, family, and career. The emotions that this Chinese drama has portrayed and how well they have acted are one of the reasons why everyone must watch it. Without further ado, here are 8 lessons the Chinese Drama have taught us that makes this Chinese Drama, a must watch:


1) Appreciate the little things in life

If there’s one main lesson throughout the whole series is that one should appreciate even the little things in life, such as our own eyesight. That time when 晶晶 called 雲翔 and told him, “If only I can see, I’d wanna see you.” truly hits differently. 晶晶 was described in the movie as a simple woman with simple joys in life. She was always optimistic despite her condition and her positivity has drawn him to her. There was actually a part in the movie where she was using her hands to feel the painting that he gave her, which he made using a glue gun so she would be able to imagine what the painting looked like. It was these little things that did not go unappreciated which made the whole movie let us realize that we don’t have to spend so much just to appreciate something.



2) There’s always consequences to your actions

This was a flashback scene where 雲翔 was still young and highly emotional as his mother had just passed away. Before his mom died, she has already signed a donor card which is supposed to be received by 晶晶. Angrily, 雲翔 refused to let his mother become a donor which then led 晶晶 to have no choice but to turn away on her chance to be able to see once again. After many years, they meet again and 雲翔 had discovered that 晶晶 was the girl that was supposed to receive his mother’s eyes, which then led him to greatly regret his decision as 晶晶 had lived a dark world for over 20 years because of his stubbornness from the past.


3) Everything happens for a reason

For years, both of them shared the same train going to work everyday. It was only now when they had actually acknowledged one another because a robber (the man in black) decided to take advantage of a blind woman to steal her purse and 雲翔, being the hero, chased after the robber to retrieve the purse. Not saying being robbed is a good thing, but they wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for the thief (Silent thank you, Mr. Thief Guy).


4) Disabilities shouldn’t limit you from doing what you love

Despite being blind, 晶晶 did not let her disability stop her from maximizing her other senses such as her ability to talk and hear. She even rides the subway by herself in order to go to work and go back home. There was also a scene where she was scheduled to work on a night shift in which she didn’t object to as according to her, no matter what time of the day, she always feels as though it’s night time.


5) Having a few true friends is better than having a thousand fake ones

Throughout the whole movie, it seems as though 雲翔 only has two friends in his life which are also at the same time, his co-workers. That scene when 雲翔 was doing a project for the hospital but couldn’t finish it due to his illness so his friends continued it for him and was always a call away when 雲翔 was in need of help.


6) A father’s love is unconditional

Although 雲翔 and his dad did not start off in the series in good terms, his dad still reached out to him despite being shrugged off several times by 雲翔 due to their misunderstanding from years ago when he was just a kid. This was evident when his father volunteered to have a bone marrow transplanted to 雲翔 just to save him from his illness even if his father recently just has his heart operation. This shows how far a father’s love can go.


7) The OST is perfect



The theme song is guaranteed to give you major LSS!



8) They ended up in real life!

After having 2 dramas together, Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin finally tied the knot on July 31, 2016, had a dream wedding in Bali, and had a cute daughter a few months later.


So, there you have it! Eight reasons why Sound of Colors (地下鐵) is a must watch Chinese Drama. We hope to see more of Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin in another drama as there is an undeniable chemistry between them!

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