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Why are some Chinoys still single?

There can be a lot of reasons why a person is still single. Being and remaining unattached could be more than just a personal decision. Most of the time, there are uncontrolled variables that play along the way. Let’s take a look at some of those factors.

Strict parents 

One of the common reasons why some Chinoys are still single is because they have strict parents. Their folks might have extremely high expectations towards their future partner. Dating a Chinoy means you’ll have to make sure that you will get along with his/her parents because (whether you like it or not) they will have a say in your relationship. 


‘Great Wall’

Another reason is the ‘Great Wall.’ Some Chinoys are not allowed to date people who are not Chinese, which makes their choices more limited compared to others. They have to make sure that they will date someone of the same ancestry or else their parents might not approve. This can be connected to having strict parents because if they don’t follow the rule about the Great Wall, their parents might force them to end the relationship. 


Not ready 

On the other hand, some Chinoys may have chosen to stay single for the reason that they are not yet ready to be in a committed relationship. It may be because of personal reasons or they may want to first focus on their studies/ work. That brings us to the next reason. 


Focus on studies/ work 

Some Chinoys have chosen to stay single to focus on their studies/ work. They don’t want any distractions, which is why they are not looking for a partner yet. The younger Chinoys could be somewhat forced to focus on their studies since they are still too young to be in a relationship. 


Extremely high standards 

The last possible reason why some Chinoys are still single is that they may have extremely high standards. They could’ve been taught by their parents not to settle for less and look for someone who can give them what they deserve. The Chinoys with extremely high standards are often going for the option wherein their parents are the ones choosing a partner for them.

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