You’ll Never Believe Which Actors were in Chinese Animated Films

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Putting a name to a face is easy, especially when we’re talking about celebrities. But how well do you know their voices? Probably not as well.

Some actors get cast for their voices before their faces become globally recognized. Here are a few who were virtually unknown before they voiced characters in Chinese-based animated films:

Ming-Na Wen – Mulan

Photo courtesy of Ming-Na Wen

Mulan is probably the most recognizable Chinese-based animated film and of course we know now that Ming-Na Wen voiced the main character, Mulan. Before that, Ming-Na Wen was mostly unknown, doing mostly voice-acting work. Now, she’s a much bigger star with roles in a bunch of Disney franchises like the TV shows, Marvel: Agents of SHIELD and The Mandalorian.

Sandra Oh – Mulan II

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You probably know Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang from the hit TV show, Grey’s Anatomy, but before she became a world-renowned cardiology intern, she was the voice of Ting Ting in Mulan II. And more recently, she voiced Mrs. Zhong in another animated film, Over the Moon. You can also catch her on the critically acclaimed show, Killing Eve.

Dan Fogler – Kung Fu Panda

Photo courtesy of IMDb

The lovable Jacob Kowalski in the movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, was also part of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. He voiced Zeng, a black goose that first appeared as Shifu’s messenger in Kung Fu Panda, and then again as Po’s assistant in Kung Fu Panda Holiday. Bet you wouldn’t have known this if we didn’t tell you.

Cathy Ang – Over the Moon

Photo courtesy of IMDb

And of course, we have a Chinese-Filipino on the list! Cathy Ang may not be a household name yet, but she will be. Just watch as the voice of Fei Fei from Over the Moon rises to stardom. IMDb credits her with 4 little projects prior to Over the Moon, but we’re sure to see her in bigger productions soon. Can’t wait!


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