Young Gun Aldrin Chua: On Pipe Innovations, Perseverance, and Frugality in Business

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Working smart isn’t just some one-line advice to help you be more productive — it’s a lifestyle! 

In the world of business, success is a goal that is easier to grasp when you know what it is that you want to achieve. That is to say, it’s important to know where to direct your efforts in order to maximize the best possible results. This, of course, is all easier said than done. 

With decades of experience in the field, Luftonic president and Techglobal marketing director Aldrin Chua is a Chinoy entrepreneur committed to living and breathing the #hustle long before social media has created it to be the buzzword that it is today. From summer jobs working in his family business to now keeping a hand on his several business pursuits, Chua reveals the values that have ultimately paved the rich road of his life’s career. 

On Perseverance

For as long as Chua could remember, growing up in a Chinoy household meant business discussions held with family on lunches and dinners on every day of the week. It’s a daily experience that he recognizes the value of. It’s what has molded him to be the pragmatic entrepreneur that he has always strived to be. 

“So in a typical Chinoy household, there are no vacations, even on weekends. Even on weekends, you work,” said Chua. “There is no day that we don’t discuss how we are able to improve our business — how we are able to scale it better and how to improve [its] efficiencies.” 

This diligent mentality is one that Chua credits to his parents’ upbringing. “My parents are actually second-generation [immigrants]. The first generation came after World War II, so you can see [that] they came from hardship, and [that] they came from a background of difficulty. That molded them to become more hardworking. That molded them to become more pragmatic.”

“I guess that’s what differs from the current generation,” Chua continued. “A lot of the current generation [has] become complacent and laid-back because they have all the resources that they have. My parents didn’t have [those] back then, so they influenced me [with] how they grew up.” 

Recognizing the difficulties that the previous generations have encountered has made Chua grateful for the opportunities that he can seize today. Over time, the family practice of discussing work over meals inevitably melded into an inalienable part of Chua’s everyday life. “It becomes natural. It becomes your passion,” expressed Chua. “And if it becomes your passion, there is no day in your life that you are working. It becomes a hobby. It becomes something that occurs naturally — on the dining table, or even on a day out, or when we travel to vacations.”

“Having that grit is very important — having that passion. I promise you. You’ll never work a day in your life. Having that grit will allow you to face these challenges, all of these trials and tribulations. [It] allows you to not become complacent. The moment you become complacent will be your downfall,” Chua explained. 


On innovation

If you work hard for your entire life but remain the same all throughout, you aren’t likely to ever beat those whose very ideas move society. In the long run, working smart means giving yourself and your business more opportunities to grow. 

That’s why Chua’s work with Techglobal, a company that distributes water pipes around the country, regularly pushes for innovation, introducing the Philippines its first UV pipes and anti-microbial pipes. The former was planned to replace galvanized iron pipes, thereby lessening a building or structure’s carbon footprint. Meanwhile, the more recently developed anti-microbial pipes serve to eliminate live viruses and bacteria, creating safer water lines for Filipino homes. 

“You can see we deliver these piping innovations to the benefit of each and every Filipino community at an affordable cost so that everyone will have access to these new piping systems. So that is what Techglobal is all about,” stated Chua. “We are the ones who try to innovate.”

“We are in the business of long-term value creation. And that’s why you can see we make sure first and foremost is quality,” he continued. 

To be sure, the goal of innovation isn’t just to introduce fresh ideas to the market. At the end of the day, it’s to create more value. 

“We have to always find nuggets of innovation so that we are able to deliver value [to] our company, community, and society. [We have to] bring in new innovative products that can benefit everyone. That’s how we are able to grow the business — [by] delivering the best value to our clients and to each and every Filipino,” said Chua. 


On frugality

Chua employs a personal touch when dealing with business. In order to make sure that everything is running with the highest amount of efficiency and the lowest possible cost, he makes it a point to take a good look at what goes on in a company’s supply chain. 

“I have always vetted all our suppliers. I’ve always vetted all our expenses so that we can lower our costs, and at the same time, pass on these cost savings to all our stakeholders: to our customers, the architect, [and] the owner, so that every one of us will benefit. You create more value along the value stream,” said Chua. 

Frugality, in this sense, does not mean merely saving money. It is about lessening costs and eliminating waste wherever possible. The money not spent can then instead be allocated to something that creates more value. 

“A lot of people are spending for show. I believe all the more that frugality is very important,” Chua maintained. “Find areas for cost savings in your operations, make your operations more efficient, and [identify] how to make your products cut waste.” 

Ultimately, Chua believes that frugality means providing quality with no unnecessary expenses. Needless to say, corners should not actually be cut when it comes to necessary spending. Chua explained: “Rather than skimping on costs, rather than skimping on raw materials making cheaper quality products, I believe [in] frugality in your operations — in your efficiency. You will deliver the best value and provide cost savings for everyone that can benefit. Everyone will benefit from this cost savings.”  

In summary, Chua advises that these three values of perseverance, innovation, and frugality are what especially helps modern tao kes develop their businesses. Work smart to provide the best to your customers: “I believe this is what sets a modern tao ke apart — making the company grow sustainably, making the company provide value to each and every Filipino.”


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