Your Ahmas and Angkongs are right: Teachings that stand the test of time

When we were kids, our grandparents used to remind us of a lot of things from their lives. Sometimes, we don’t understand everything but later in life, we realize the wisdom behind those lessons.  Those little reminders from our grandparents can positively impact our lives if we follow and obey them.

Our Ahmas and Angkongs taught us differently. They believe even the smallest details or actions can have a ripple effect to change the world. Looking back on our memories with our grandparents, here are some teachings that made you realize they were right.


Study Well

We are taught about the value of education, and in fact, families are willing to spend to educate their children. On weekends, it is common to see Chinese parents taking their children to various tutorial groups. “Versatility” is extremely important and children are expected to excel in school subjects as well as in extracurricular activities.


Speak Chinese

Learning Chinese opens doors to various fields. But, ultimately, learning Chinese means learning about culture and people. Our grandparents encouraged us to learn Mandarin or Fukien at a young age because it is useful in modern business. It is still incredibly beneficial for Chinoy business owners, and remains an asset in business and a wide range of jobs.


Be Disciplined in Business

Hard work, self-discipline, delayed self-gratification for the sake of long-term future benefits, frugality, a high value placed on education, filial piety of total obedience and reverence for ancestors and parents are all important factors in achieving entrepreneurial success. It is always said that you should choose what will make your life more meaningful, to pursue the family business, and with the values taught, you can be successful not only in business but also with any endeavor.


Family First

Respect for elders is evident in Chinese families, which explains why when the family’s head makes a decision, the children follow it without question. Listening to and prioritizing your parents clearly shows that you have been properly raised.


Our grandparents do not say things simply because that is what they want to happen in our lives. In fact, they want their future generations to be more prosperous than they are. They may sound like they’re always repeating things but think of them as great words and teachings, learn to understand, appreciate, and value their advice, because they have foreseen what is best.


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