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6 types of Hong Kong street food you are missing these days

Hong Kong egg tarts (IG: @yoidelish)

Don’t we all miss traveling to the Asian cosmopolitan city filled with lights and busy streets? Hong Kong is one of the world’s most thriving economies and is a hub for international trade and investment that weaves Western and Asian influence into a world-class center of business, culture, and trade.

Aside from its evidently successful economy, Hong Kong is filled with restaurants and street food that are famous for its unique delicious taste! As early as the Tang dynasty, selling street food has been practiced as cold food was sold in the streets to relieve the summer heat. Gradually, these street food stalls developed into street markets around the Qing Dynasty which are being practiced until today and have become an important part of the history of local street snacks. 

Here are six street food we miss about our Hong Kong trips that will make us wish traveling is normal once again:


1. Egg Waffles

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Egg waffles! 🥚🧇🥰 Made another one of my favorite snacks from Hong Kong 💞 the feeling of buying and snacking on these while walking around Hong Kong is so irreplaceable, so these will do 😌 I got the recipe from @gillianwongsweet but its in Chinese again… so the ingredients are here! 🥳 2 eggs 140g sugar 35g evaporated milk 140g water 140g cake flour 30g tapioca starch 10g custard powder 2g baking powder 15g oil few drops of vanilla extract happy baking! enjoy~~ #cooking #baking #teenbakerscollab #teenbakers #eggwaffles #egg #鸡蛋仔 #雞蛋仔 #asianstreetfood #asiansnacks #hongkongstreetfood #asianamerican #streetsnack #waffles #egg #sugar #eggs #tasty #quarantine #food #quickdessert #foodphotography #foodblogger #dessert #foodtutorial #teenbakery #quarantinefood #quarantineprojects #vanillaextract #startup #teenstartup

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An egg waffle looks like an edible bubble wrap with crispy, flaky edges with a chewy, soft center. It’s hard to resist buying an egg waffle once the sweet, heavenly smell enters our system. Egg waffles are made by pouring egg batter onto a griddle pan and while most vendors offer an original egg flavor, some vendors get creative by adding in flavors or even top them up with different fruits, ice cream flavors, powdered sugar or milk, Nutella, or even creating a twist by adding bacon or the likes of it. Egg waffles create nostalgic childhood memories and happiness which is a big factor to consider why a lot of locals, as well as tourists, enjoy this snack.


2. Stinky Tofu

Despite its infamous pungent smell, stinky tofu is one of the most sought street foods by both locals and tourists. It gets its smell from the long fermentation process of milk, vegetables, and meat that lasts for months. After its fermentation, it is then deep-fried and finally served with a sauce that you prefer (people usually put chili sauce on their stinky tofu). If there’s one thing stinky tofu eaters always say is that the taste of stinky tofu is not as bad as it smells.


3. Egg Tarts

Egg tarts are baked until they reach a delicate and moist consistency that will have that golden filling glisten with temptation that would surely lure you to buy one. It has been a popular delicacy since the 1940s and is known to be best eaten while warm.


4. Fried Squid Tentacles

Fried Squid Tentacles are pre-pickled till the outside becomes an orange color. It has a rubber-like texture and is usually served with black vinegar.


5. Imitation Shark Fin Soup

The Imitation Shark Fin Soup is shark-friendly with only mushrooms, vermicelli, and scrambled egg as its main ingredients. It has been a known tradition to add red vinegar in the soup.


6. Fried Chestnuts

This famous street food is probably the healthiest out of all above-mentioned. They are stir-fried with black sand and sugar in a wok. They’re best eaten when they are freshly scooped out from their wok. Locals recommend people to pair fried chestnuts with a cup of hot chocolate to have that irresistible twist in taste.


Hong Kong is a country filled with different kinds of yummy street food that are too many to mention and they are constantly innovating for more delicious snacks for people to eat! Which is your favorite Hong Kong street food? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.


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