Kat Padilla and Her Four Fashion Brands

The Fashionpreneur

Fashion is in Kat Padilla’s blood. Building four brands from the ground up is definitely no easy task but Padilla’s time as a fashion student paid off when she took a leap with her first brand, Sebastian and Savannah.

When asked how she started her businesses, she answered: “It all started with ideas and knowledge I gained throughout the years and also from being in a fashion school. The creative and entrepreneurial sides of my family also really inspired me to start something. With all these influences, it inspired me to start Sebastian and Savannah. And from there I was able to open up my other brands.”

Sebastian & Savannah

Sebastian & Savannah is a vegan and cruelty-free women’s shoe brand that emphasizes modernity, sleekness, and novelty in every sandal. They’re beautifully crafted by local shoemakers and boast Filipino-made quality. Padilla remarked: “We want the world to know that sandals made in the Philippines can also compete and keep up globally.”

Launched in 2020, Sebastian & Savannah released various sandals of modern textures and styles with interesting spins and gained a following over the years. Padilla’s entrepreneurial spirit pushed her to explore the industry beyond her line of womens’ shoes to secure her brand’s sustainability. “I don’t think a brand can be sustainable in the long run if they’re just offering one category. Our vision for the brand is to offer more than shoes.” 

Thus, Padilla launched three sister brands: Meet Mollie Swim, Pappi Pets, and Nanci Manille. 

Meet Mollie, Pappi, and Nanci

Alongside two other young designers, Padilla launched Meet Mollie which reinvents swimwear with fun, eccentric cuts and bold colors. Pappi Pets offers handmade ceramic pet bowls and preppy bandanas for cats and dogs. Her youngest brand, Nanci Manille, is a contemporary handmade label that empowers women in body-sculpting pieces. 

Juggling all four brands at once is no walk in the park given that she launched Meet Mollie, Pappi Pets, and Nanci Manille all in year 2022. Padilla has experienced her fair share of disappointments and failures in managing a business, but she perseveres. “I try to learn from all the mistakes and failures I’ve made and use all the learnings and skills that I gained from that.

“Designing and manufacturing your own line is not easy, from planning to production. Having your own line is definitely not cheap. It requires dedication and your savings! Not to mention the industry out there is tough. But there’s just so much more to it, more good than bad.”

Her drive to pursuing fashion in a cutthroat industry is her fiery passion and love for her craft. “I get so excited and inspired when my designs come to life. It’s a fulfilling feeling seeing your pieces out in the world, making women happy and empowering them through my pieces.”

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