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We Asked Chinoys The Funniest Memories They Had During Chinese Celebrations

Chinese celebrations are a perfect time for families to be together. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, holiday, or festival. Celebrations are some of the core aspects of being Chinoy that keep us grounded in our culture.


As much as we want to have the perfect occasion, life is full of surprises and unexpected turns. There will always be some twists and turns of events. Bringing us new surprises, memorable experiences, and entertaining moments.


Here’s a look through some of the funniest memories Chinoys had during Chinese celebrations.


Ethan Cheng 

“In high school, I was part of the lion dance team. And the funny thing is every time we perform there were weird instances when people would slap my butt (since I’m the butt of the lion).”


Ethan Albanza

“During my cousin’s birthday while waiting for the food. We challenged ourselves who can spin the lazy Susan the fastest. Things went crazy from there.”


Andrian Dee

“I remember my Amah’s 80th birthday when all of my aunties and cousins flew back home to celebrate. A few of them ended up dancing on stage to old disco songs for almost an hour. It was funny because they weren’t even tired.”



Paolo Go 

“During my auntie’s birthday, I was in charge of carrying the cake and it accidentally fell face front to the floor. And yes, we had no cake.”


Lauryn Tan 

“It was our Chinese association’s dice game season. And my family would get all excited since we play to win. Usually, in these kinds of events, the family splits up to join other families. My diko was together with her daughter and she got the ‘chong wan.’ But the other Chinese family claimed that they diced higher so she can’t get the prize money. Later at home my diko re-checked the dice game rules and found out her daughter should’ve won, and the other family scammed her. She got mad haha!”


Celyna Co 

“One of the funniest memories I had during a Chinese birthday dinner is when a drunk angkong started to sing Karaoke and hindi nag mamatch yung niya tono sa music.”

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