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5 Things You Can Do Online For Your Lao Shi For National Teachers’ Month

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Did you know that the World Teachers’ Day is celebrated every October 5? However, in the Philippines, we celebrate not just a day, but a whole month which runs every September 5 to October 5! So why do the Philippines have a whole month for teachers? It is due to the fact that we have more than half a million-strong teaching force in public elementary and secondary education alone that teachers in the Philippines are being recognized for a whole month compared to other countries who just celebrate one day for teachers. With the ongoing pandemic mixed with the fact that we have started celebrating National Teachers’ Month, here are 5 things you can do for your Lao Shi to show your appreciation!

1) Send a card.

The easiest way to show your appreciation for Lao Shi is with a card. You don’t have to own a mailbox! Just send an e-card using an app such as Canva to design your card!

2) Make an appreciation video montage.

If you want to make it more interactive, send a video instead of a card! You can use free apps such as Canva or Quik to compile the appreciation messages that you have asked your fellow classmates to record. This would surely make your Lao Shi’s day!

3) Live greetings through your zoom class.

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Plan this out with your classmates and enter the ZOOM e-meeting link earlier. Tell everyone to hold up cards as once your Lao Shi enters, she/he would see all the students holding up banners with words of appreciation for him/her! 

4) Send gifts.

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If you are close with your Lao Shi and you know his/her address, plan it out with your classmates as who lives the nearest to Lao Shi to ask a third party courier such as Grab, Lalamove, or Angkas to ship out the gift to your Lao Shi!

5) Send e-gifts.

Now that almost everything runs online, you can also send your Lao Shi e-gifts such as vouchers, gift cards, or even e-books that relates to his/her subject!

Let us appreciate our Lao Shis during these hard times especially as they are adapting to this new normal. Whether your gift is big or small, it would be greatly appreciated by your teachers.

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