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Check Out These Sophisticated Finds at the Designers’ Holiday Bazaar

BEAVALDES jewelry, one of the many offerings at the Designers' Holiday Bazaar. Photo courtesy of the Designers' Holiday Bazaar.

Shop for the holidays and for a good cause at the Designers’ Holiday Bazaar (DHB), an annual fair that showcases a wide array of creations from talented local designers and artists. Holiday shoppers can find everything from apparel and accessories to home decor and other local artisanal goods at DHB online until December 24. In addition, 20 percent of the sales will go to support Filipino scholars.

Here are some amazing finds at the online bazaar:

1. Kaya Clutch by Gustoko

Kaya Clutch. Photo courtesy of Designers’ Holiday Bazaar.

Isn’t the Gustoko Kaya bag gorgeous? This clutch-slash-crossbody bag (₱6,450.00) is made out of Tinalak fabric and snake leather trim and carries a bamboo silhouette design. The bag also comes in other designs like butterflies and koi fish. Gustoko is a brand created by Paula Figueras and consists of a small team of embroiderers and bag makers in Marikina City, mostly housewives who are empowered to work from home to also care for their families. 


2. Jewelry Box by AC+632

Jewelry Box by AC+632. Photo courtesy of Designers’ Holiday Bazaar.

The brand AC+632 takes inspiration from wunderkammers from the Renaissance period. Their small wooden rectangular jewelry box (₱2,980.00) with beautiful decoupage, an artisanal craft that began in 18th century Florence, would make a fine gift indeed. Hurry! These boxes are limited edition only.


3. Long Tailed Tailorbird by Chrysara Nest

Long Tailed Tailorbird. Photo courtesy of Designers’ Holiday Bazaar.

The decorative wooden carving of a bird (₱1,600.00) would make a great addition to any home. The collective of artisans and highly skilled designers of Chrysara Nest create pieces that capture a wide range of decorative styles, drawing inspiration from antique books and nature. 


4. Stone Earrings by BEAVALDES

Stone Earrings. Photo courtesy of Designers’ Holiday Bazaar.                         

Elevate any outfit with these pair of exquisite earrings (₱24,304.00) made out of authentic sardonyx, turquoise, snake skin leather, and satin fabric. The BEAVALDES brand dedicates itself to represent Filipino craftsmanship, embroidery, and beadwork, and to bring it to a global audience. 


5. Mini Spiral Christmas Tree by T’Nalak Home

Mini Spiral Christmas Tree. Photo courtesy of Designers’ Holiday Bazaar.

For some extra Christmas sparkle, check out this mini Christmas tree (₱320) that will surely dress up your home and workplace for the holidays. T’Nalak Home is a collective of local artisans that represent and preserve the traditional design of the native artistry of Mindanao’s ethnic tribes.


6. Mug On Pear Shaped Plate by Manggad

Mug On Pear Shaped Plate. Photo courtesy of Designers’ Holiday Bazaar.

Warm up for the holidays with a cup of hot cocoa or soothing tea. This set of a ceramic mug on a pear-shaped plate(₱1,750.00) could be the perfect companion. It’s handcrafted by the artisans of the Manggad boutique, which sources local creations of a diverse collective of artisan communities across the Philippines.


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