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The Secrets to Success Aren’t Really Secrets Anymore According to George Siy

George Siy

In the early 90s, George Siy and 16 other individuals started the Anvil Business Club as a way to strengthen the Chinese Filipino community within businesses and to promote Confucian and Filipino values for economic and social progress. During its start, Siy served as its president from 1991 to 1993. Now he is its Chairman Emeritus.


Outside the Anvil Business Club, he is the President of Marie France Philippines and its affiliate groups, Svenson and Facial Care Center. Throughout his many titles and experiences, Siy proves that no one else knows the ropes of the world of business better than him.


When asked what his secret to success was, he simply said that all the ‘secrets’ are already out there, learning how to follow them is simply the key. Here’s a few of his most notable tips:


If working hard is already a problem for you then don’t go into business

According to George Siy, working hard is only the first step. There will be more struggles along the way that won’t rely on how much you work hard. From tough business decisions to handling employees, any entrepreneur will have to endure doing risks without being prepared or having the right know-how or mindset. In truth, being a business leader has its fair share of responsibilities and duties and if the first step is already difficult, then reconsiderations have to be made.


Practice first

Jumping headfirst, taking leaps of fate– they’re not bad but the key to taking risks in business is actually making calculated ones. One way to do this is to research and prepare for the possibilities of any risk but before one can do that one must practice. Practice by working under more established companies, practice through mentorships, practice through experience. Another tip George Siy shared was to spend time with people who are better than you. Doing this will influence your mindset.


Relationships are important

The entrepreneurial journey will lead to a multitude of bonds and connections. Understanding the importance of those relationships is important. Respect your suppliers, clients, and co-workers and you’ll find that the same respect will lead its way back to you. The same goes with your ambitions. As a business owner, your goals will affect your people. As George Siy said “If what’s making you happy is a pain for others then it’s not sustainable.”


If you want to learn more from George Siy, watch his extended Chinoy Profiles here!

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