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5 Chinoy Food Bloggers You Should Follow

Deciding where to eat has been one of the most difficult decision we make on a daily basis. With over thousands of restaurants around the city, we often find ourselves lost and indecisive on where’s the best place to dine, relax and satisfy our cravings. But luckily, we have our modern day heroes to save us from this stressful situation – food bloggers. They serve as our constant go-to source whenever we want to try out a new restaurant, bakeshop or everything related to food. And now, as we adapt to the new normal, let these food bloggers help you decide where’s the best place to have food delivered! 

Here are five Chinoy food bloggers that you should follow:

1) Atty. Stacy Liong

Atty. Stacy Liong originally started her blog, Tsinoy Foodies, as a personal food memoir to remember her food adventures. “We wanted to remember what we loved so we could order it again upon our next visit and what we could recommend to our friends and family.” This led them to realize how much they’ve gone through their food adventure. To date, she has published more than a thousand food stories and food reviews. She also shared that as she gained more readers and followers, she noticed that her blog has evolved into a foodie community. “Through our blog, Facebook fan page and Instagram, we’re continuously interacting with fellow foodies through a fun and supporting exchange of comments, remarks, questions and suggestions about recipes, food products and restaurants.”

Blog: Tsinoy Foodies

Instagram: Tsinoy Foodies

Instagram followers: 9.4K

2) Leslie Cheng

In 2009, Leslie Cheng was in Hong Kong, vacationing with her family, bringing along her newly bought camera. During that trip, Leslie happened to eat at several fine dining restaurants which she took photos of the food and shared them with her friends and family in the US. That trip easily led Leslie to start her food blog.

Leslie shares that she chose the name Shoot First Eat Later because she was always excited to try the food that she would forget to shoot first. She started with just posting a few dark, unedited pictures with just captions. She shares that the more she posted, the more she had fun doing it. This prompted her to post from daily to weekly. Eventually, Instagram became popular and more convenient to post and interact with the readers. Since then, she has been focusing more on Instagram as her blog just serves as an online for archives.

Blog: shootfirsteatlater

Instagram: shootfirsteatlater

Instagram followers: 17.1K

3)  Mary Love Siy

Mary Love Siy started her blog back in 2010 before joining Summit Media.  “I had a blast writing down random thoughts and sharing experiences back when Multiply was still a social media platform and not a virtual marketplace and I thought that having my own blog/website is not a bad idea.” She shares that her first few entries were all about food finds, adventures and just about anything she found interesting.

It took her about 5 years before she focused on blogging about food. Eventually, she added travel contents both locally and internationally. And now, she have expanded her blog to beauty and lifestyle in general. Soon after 5 months, Mary shares that she will adding motherhood to her blog.

Blog : What Mary Loves

Instagram : Mary Love Siy

Instagram followers: 3.1K 

4) Diane Go

Diane started Fried and Prejudice back in 2016 as a curated album that features food that she likes from Asia as well as other countries aside from Manila. Her family and friends prompted her to started blogging as they would ask her for recommendations about food. In 2018, with the encouragement of her friends, Diane made the blog official. Diane used to contribute to What to Eat PH but now, she focuses on her own blog as well as for When in Manila.

The unique and witty blog name, was based from Diane’s favorite classic Pride and Prejudice, in which she wanted to make sure her blogs stand out from the rest. She understood how taste is subjective thus, instead of ruling it as good or bad, she write about the experience of eating it. In this way, she can help and give the readers the idea about the dish and gives them the freedom to decide whether to try it out or not. Furthermore, she shares that “I am a storyteller, so there’s a story in my posts to make it more personal and relatable.”

So now, Fried and Prejudice is a food blog by Diane, a little foodie, who stands on chairs to get that perfect flat lay photo. Her carefully curated site features her favorite food, except beef. Aside from giving food reviews, she also likes shares recipes in which some are family recipes that are easy to follow and delivers yummy results.

Blog : Fried & Prejudice

Instagram : Fried & Prejudice 

Instagram followers: 3.8k 


5) Frances Ang

Love for food and writing has led Frances Ang to start her blog, Frannywanny, back in 2007. She shares that she instinctively took photos back when she was dating her then-boyfriend-now-husband. “I really enjoy narrating the dishes that we’ve tasted and to give my honest verdict for the food, the service and our overall experience.” Up until today, she continues to write and share her stories and experiences in a very experiential manner with her readers.

Blog : Franny Wanny

Instagram : Frances Ang

Instagram followers: 6.8K  

And there you have it! Hope these bloggers can guide and help you the next time you want to have your food delivered!

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