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Chinoy Shares Her Experience On Taking Up A Fashion Internship

“Fashion Internship” most people would instantly picture the movie “Devil Wears Prada” with its portrayal of how fashion assistants are treated. However, most of the time that information is dramatized for entertainment.

If you’re wondering what it’s really like to be a fashion intern, then continue reading on. For today’s article feature, we ask Robyne Tuquib, a former fashion intern, to share what it’s like to work in fashion and to intern under the mentorship of top Filipino fashion designers.

1) Tell us about your internships, what were your main tasks?

I started out doing my internships under two different designers. At first, I felt very nervous to take the position because there was this sort of pressure to be good at what you do and to be quick to learn anything and everything they do. During my first internship, I was mostly tasked with small things like arranging the swatches, making croquis, and even making the fashion sketches into vector art all of which were related to “art.” Whereas, in my second internship I was exposed to learn more about the business aspect of fashion.

2) How did you apply for the internship position?

I applied through sending them an email and I’ve also reached out through the designers’ social media accounts. Although, I think I was just lucky because at that time they were really looking to hire interns. So, the process was a bit quick.

3) From your internships what was the most beneficial thing, you took away with you?

I think the most beneficial thing that I got was the importance of discipline and being responsible. When you’re in college or high school you are responsible for your actions, but when you’re under a fashion designer, your actions and decisions will not only affect you but also the name of the designer.

4) What do you think are the essential skills to succeed in your internship?

An intern should always be eager to learn something new and to be energetic and lively with every task. Also, an intern must possess discipline from the time they start and finish a certain task. Key note you have to meet deadlines, that’s important!

5) What was the biggest difficulty you faced during your internships?

The biggest difficulty for me was facing clients because we all have different personalities. So, you’ll never know how they’ll be or the way they’ll react when you’re in a certain situation.

6) What advice would you give to people looking for a fashion internship?

Just do it. Don’t be shy. Be confident and put yourself out there, but also know when not to. Always think of how to improve yourself and your skills because you’ll always learn something new every day and it’s up to you whether you want to accept new knowledge for you to grow or not.

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