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Chinoys In Focus: Wildly Successful Women Who Chose A Creative Career

From hosting, blogging to fashion styling, and acting. We wrapped up five wildly successful “Chinoy” women who chose a creative career and are continuing to evolve in their respective industries. Although being successful doesn’t happen overnight. Starting from the bottom and working their way up is how these women achieve to where they are now.

1)    Liz Uy – Fashion Stylist

Before being dubbed as the “It Girl” of Manila. Liz Uy debuted in the fashion industry as an editorial assistant in Preview. Starting at the very bottom of the ladder, Liz did her best to become the stylist that she is right now.

She has evolved from being a stylist, author, and fashion editor-at-large from the Philippines. Liz now works as a digital curator for Style Singapore and is the creative director of a styling company, Stylized studio based in Manila.


2)    Heart Evangelista – Actress

Heart Evangelista is the daughter of Reynaldo Evangelista Ongpauco, a restaurant magnate who belongs to a Chinese-Filipino clan. She started her career at the age of 13 as a commercial model and actress. She gained more popularity and exposure to the industry in a previous TV show called G-mik.

Today, Heart is currently a spokesperson for the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, and she has volunteered for over eight years. She has also released her book, “This is Me” and “Love Marie,” which containing life lessons and her secrets to beauty.


3)    Janeena Chan – Host

At the early age of 7, Janeena was no longer a stranger to the limelight. With her talent for singing, she started as a Disney Singing Princess at SM Supermalls and then ventured into hosting when she was 11. Since then, she has been a part of different theater productions and media companies as a talent. Her stint with Magic 89.9 as a Junior Jock opened more opportunities for her hosting career. She is now a regular host for Chinoy TV and ABS-CBN’s UPFRONT on S+A (Sports and Action).


4)    Camille Co – Fashion Blogger

Coming from a traditional Chinese family expected to go corporate like everyone else. Camille admits that she has always been that responsible student, honors since birth. However, when college job fairs and applications poured in. She couldn’t bring herself to go to any one of them or find herself behind a desk, doing a nine-to-five.”

Camille then started her career in fashion design when she was a senior in college. Sharing her love affair with fashion and a few other loves in between. Today, the Manila-based blogger Camille Co is a recognized fashion designer, model, vlogger, and endorser.


 5) Kim Chiu – Actress

As one of the most accomplished Chinoy Celebrities. Through the years, we saw Kim Chiu’s remarkable evolution into one of this country’s premier leading ladies.

From being the “Chinese Cutie ng Cebu” who fascinated us with her unmistakable charm, admirable personality, and incredible skills and talent as the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 1, we have witnessed how she blossomed into the “Chinita Princess” many of us are idolizing at the present.


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