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Funniest Moments During Your Chinese Class

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Spending more than a decade in a Chinese High School, we surely had our fair share of funny moments in class. Some of these moments are truly memorable that we even remember it to this day. Hence, we asked 5 Chinoy students to share their funniest moments during their Chinese Classes for us to have a little laugh. 

1)  Kyra, Grace Christian College

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“There were funny moments back in high school that we truly miss and one of them that most of us could relate to was tracing chinese characters in mopits. We trace the characters in order for us to be able to perfect our mopit exams because it could get messy if we’re gonna write it the actual way. I recall as I was running for honors in chinese class, I would do my best in every task and exam given by the chinese teacher and one of those hardships that I managed to endure was to make my mopit tasks perfect under time pressure. So what I did was trace the chinese characters with a marker. I thought it turned out victorious because even our chinese teacher, who was strict, complimented me about my work, only because she saw it from afar. She even told me that I might get into the honor roll as well. The next day, our work was given back to us and I’ve received marks saying it was traced and even got a lower grade for it. Our lao shir had embarrassed me in class which was really funny. It also gave me a learning in life that there are no shortcuts to success.”

2) Cody, Xavier School


“There was one time where I forgot about our assignment where we had to write an essay and my chinese class was gonna be the next period already. So I used google translate for the entire paper. When I received my paper back I got an F and my laoshi added a note that says never use google translate again!”

3) Chloe, Saint Jude Catholic School

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“We had this Chinese teacher who always gives us a task to accomplish within a short period of time. Even if there is only 5 or 10 minutes left for her class, she will still give us an activity. There came a time when a brownout occurred while we were doing an activity so we thought that the deadline is extended until the next day, but then she suddenly asked us to bring out our phones for flashlight. Instead of being frustrated, my friends and I just laughed at the situation because we have concluded that ‘nothing can stop her’.”

4) Joseph*, Hope Christian High School

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“We had a bible verse memorization competition back in grade school. The teacher usually puts the good ones in front and the so-so ones at the back. When my teacher was assigning out blocking, she put me in the middle because she thought I was good. Well, the truth is, there’s just one person who perfectly memorizes the verses and we just copy him; the worst case scenario happened and we all lip-synced.  Long story short, we still won first runner-up.”

5) Jhaneen, Grace Christian College

“Every start of the year, no matter what level you were on, we were required to make a chok bun about ourselves. Being the overachiever in chinese class, I was desperate to fill out at least 2 xiao kai’s (back then if you had used more than 1 xiao kai you were considered a model student or a smart ass) so I got the chinese dictionary and copied all the sports and hobbies there, I ended up filling 1 whole xiao kai, back to back with whatever hobby there was. When I got my paper back my teacher crossed out all but 3 of my hobbies, and I didnt get a high grade.”

Got some funny moments in your Chinese Class that you want to share? Be sure to comment it down below!

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