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DLSU ENGLICOM’s Food Diaries: Bringing Together Must-Try Flavors From Our Chinese-Filipino Community!

Manila, Taft – Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding quarantine order, the normalcy of everyday life was affected on a global scale. Many food businesses have suffered losses from the declining rate of patrons, especially those who were unable to adjust and have difficulty in financing. DLSU Englicom brings to you, ELC Food Diaries, a collection of four videos showcasing the different food businesses of the Chinese-Filipino community amidst our current situation.

The four-part series will be posted on the DLSU Englicom Facebook page. The series will feature a variety of food categories such as desserts, Asian cuisine, Western, Italian, and Mexican cuisine, and Filipino cuisine on August 14 & 28, and September 11 & 25, 2020, respectively.

Englicom is honored to have been given the opportunity to introduce new tastes and aid food businesses by utilizing the platform’s audience. Let us unite hand-in-hand and support small local businesses.

The first episode of the series was posted last August 14, 2020. It featured four businesses showcasing desserts from pies to cupcakes to ube pandesal, perfect for the sweet-tooths out there who are looking to explore new finds as well as aiding the businesses by being a patron.

The second episode featuring Asian finds is already up this August 28, 2020, featuring sushi bakes, samgyup bakes, and soya milk! With the recent trend of sushi bakes taking the food industry by storm, Englicom has invited businesses who specialize in these with each of their own special twists. Moreover, to quench the thirst, must-try soya milk from a growing business.

Stay tuned for the third and fourth episode of the series this September 11 and 25, featuring Western and Filipino finds!

With the help of the reviewers in each episode, the highlights of the dish are brought out to the audience from the screen and inform the specific details and flavors on what make that dish a definite must-try.

Enjoy food talks, get to know these businesses and what they have to offer! What are you waiting for? Get your appetites ready and feast your eyes on flavors brought to you by our Chinese-Filipino community!

Catch Food Diaries in DLSU Englicom’s Facebook Page!

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Write-up by Akeesha Ortega

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