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Famous Female Chinese TikTokers

Ever since the quarantine started, many people have been getting hooked on watching TikTok videos and trying to learn the different dances that the creators post. Along with the dance trends, another popular trend on the rise, especially among many Asians, is POVs. POVs involve creating short skits on TikTok using different sounds from the viewers’ point of view.

Here are some of the Chinese female TikTokers who are on trend and have made a name for themselves on TikTok: 

Ivy Li


Starting off with Ivy Li, she is famous for her POV videos on TikTok. A Chinese TikToker, she was born and raised in New York City and currently resides there. She is also considered one of TikTok’s ABG or Asian Baby Girl, known for her charming videos and soft makeup looks.


Lily Liu


Another famous TikToker who is known for her relatable POVs is Lily Liu. Aside from posting POVs, Lily also posts dance videos and informative content that helps her viewers become more aware and knowledgeable on what is happening in society today. Just like Ivy, Lily also grew up in the United States and still resides there with her parents. 


Lily Chee


Lily Chee is not only a well-known TikTok artist and an ABG, but she is also a model in Atlanta in the U.S. Before she started her TikTok account, Lily had already been doing some modelling and acting jobs for a while. On the social media platform, Lily usually posts dance covers and lip syncing videos. She is also known for her fashion sense and make up style. 


Irene Wong


Meet TikTok’s Asian Rapunzel, Irene Wong. She earned her name from her incredibly long hair which she confidently shows off in her videos. Irene also posts a variety of videos, such as dancing, lip syncing, and creating POVs from her home in the United States.


Jamie Lim


Last but not least is Jamie Lim, a content creator that posts funny POVs as well as various dance videos. Her videos come off as relatable to the viewers because she doesn’t try too hard and is just herself. She is also currently an ambassador for CHiNOY TV’s TikTok account. Unlike the other TikTokers on this list, Jamie was raised and grew up here in the Philippines.


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