Why You Should Watch Vlogger Mike Chen

Mike Chen is one of the most well-known Chinese vloggers in the world. He vlogs about various exotic food and his travels around the world with a truckload of humor.

To date, he has more than six active YouTube channels where he expresses his insatiable love for food, travel, Asian culture, Chinese history, recipes, and even science! Given his diverse set of interests, his content is definitely worth watching.

Here are more reasons why you should watch this Chinese blogger:


1. He radiates fun energy.

In his vlogs, Chen has a fun and enthusiastic way of storytelling that his viewers find very entertaining to watch. Unlike most vloggers that feature food and travel, Chen’s tone is more engaging, bursting with high energy with his comic-book-style delivery. Even watching one random video of him speaking could turn your frown upside down!


2. His videos satisfy your wanderlust.

Amid the lockdown, many of us are longing to set out and travel to our favorite spots. But while we stay cooped up in the confines of our homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can opt to watch Mike Chen’s travel vlogs that feature different countries — from its tourist spots to famous restaurants and more. He also often shares the mic with his friends who live in each location that he visits, allowing them to add their experiences and recommend places. This offers audiences a more in-depth description of each place and overall experience, painting a good picture of what to expect.


3. He serves as your ultimate food taster.

His food channels, Strictly Dumpling and Eat with Mikey, feature a long list of food that he recommends his audiences to try out. Getting the chance to travel around the world before the pandemic gave him the opportunity to try out various kinds of food across the globe. What’s worth noting about Chan is that not only does he comment about the food, but also how the food is made, the dish’s cultural significance, and even its history. Plus, Chen posts these informative videos without being tedious or a know-it-all.


4. He gives you the opportunity to learn about China.

Apart from his food vlogs, he has a separate YouTube channel dedicated to Asian culture, traditions, and Chinese history called The Chen Dynasty. He has an impeccable curiosity about these different cultural beliefs and his Chinese roots, and he gets to share all his research on this platform to educate his viewers who are interested in learning alongside him.

Chen also narrates his channel’s video essays with a fun twist featuring everything from Chinese legends to significant Chinese women who have changed the course of the country’s history.

And with the community quarantine, what better way to spend our time than watching fun and educational videos from Chen?


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