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Relationship Matters in Achieving AngPao For Life

Chinese Couple

Chinoys are born shy and inexpressive especially within their family members.

As we get busy with our Professions/Seng Di and with our kids, relationship with our spouses suffer, mas nagiging cold na sa pagharap ng everyday struggles.

Lately, as I catch up with my ‘tang-o’, she shared that her relationship with her ‘kan-chu’ is not that good anymore, parang nalamat na

Why are we talking about relationships?

You know, part of achieving AngPao For Life is that your relationship with your spouse should always be happy and kinikilig

Why are we working at the first place?  Di ba it’s for your ‘kan-chu’ and for your ‘ginna’?

The sad thing here as I continue conversing with my ‘tang-o’, parang settled na siya sa ganung situation.  As long as nagbibigay ng pera, okay na yon.  Ganoon na daw talaga ang buhay.

Do you also agree with her?

Well, for me, that’s a big “NO”.

My husband and I also had marital issues.  And hindi ako papayag na hayaan lang… I am blessed to be part of my church community, named Neocatechumenal Community, that taught me on how to have strong marriages.  It guided me on how to fight for it, no matter what.  This is because, according to the catechesis, whoever got married inside the Church, God’s will yan.  

Difficulties and hardships are  part of our journey.  It’s up to us kung paano tayo lalaban.  

It is also in the catechesis that… walang pagsubok na ibibigay sayo ang Diyos na hindi mo kayang solusyonan. 

God is with us all the time!

Ang message ko lang ngayon is that relationship matters, it’s NOT all about MONEY.

We are earning money because of our LOVED ones, di ba?  Kaya sila dapat ang una.  What do you do with your MONEY if wala ka naman ng babalikan?

Priority relationship should start with… 

  1. God
  2. Spouse
  3. Kids
  4. Parents, siblings, in-laws
  5. Relatives and friends

Achieve AngPao for Life by being FULLY PRESENT with your LOVED ones ALWAYS.


I discovered a tool  that helped rekindled my marriage.  It’s about knowing your personality and your spouse’s personality.  Try it out.  It’s free! 

About the author
Sheila Ching Ong is a Cash Flow Certainty Coach, a Registered Financial Planner and an International B.A.N.K. IOS Coach.  She empowers Chinoy parents to be financially free so that they can spend more time with their children without having any money worries through Ang Pao for Life System which consists of the Life Coaching Program and the Financial Planning Services. 
She provides practical strategies that help you secure yourself, maximize your wealth and be able to enjoy your life to the fullest.  She also has a supportive community for Chinoy parents. Her goal is to help families navigate personal finance, instill smart money habits in your children, and makes sure that your Family’s Wealth Transition is done smoothly to avoid any family conflicts and provide  financial security for generations to come.
Since she has been in the financial planning industry for almost two decades, she has guided thousands of parents in achieving financial freedom.
Join her on this transformative journey as she guides you be financially free to achieve Ang Pao for Life.

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