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The 7 Types of Chinoy Lao Pe

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Fatherhood is a multifaceted journey, with each dad bringing his unique blend of care and guidance to the table. Within the Chinoy (Chinese-Filipino) community, fathers intertwine age-old wisdom with modern approaches to parenting, creating a rich tapestry of familial love and support.

Just as mothers nurture our souls, minds, and bodies from the moment of conception, fathers too embark on a journey of selflessness and dedication. They stand as pillars of strength, often sacrificing their own needs to ensure the well-being and growth of their children.

While Mother’s Day celebrates the remarkable women who shape our lives, Father’s Day offers an opportunity to honor the pivotal role fathers play in our development. So, which dad type resonates most with the one who has guided and inspired you?


The 7 Types of Chinoy Lao Pe

1. The Nonchalant Dad: Philip Laude

As seen in Small Laude’s vlogs, Philip Laude epitomizes the Nonchalant Dad. With a calm and composed demeanor, Philip rarely shows overt reactions or emotions on camera. His reserved nature, characterized by his lack of overt displays of affection or enthusiasm, doesn’t detract from his deep love and commitment to his family.


Philip and Small Laude With Their Sons

Photo Courtesy of Small Laude’s Instagram

Philip’s presence alone speaks volumes. He might not always wear his heart on his sleeve, but his quiet strength is evident in his everyday actions. He willingly spends time with his family, engaging in activities and being there for important moments. Whether it’s a casual family dinner or a special celebration, Philip’s consistent presence provides a sense of stability and assurance to his wife, Small Laude, and their children.

His unique way of expressing love and support lies in his reliability and steadiness. Philip shows that sometimes, love doesn’t need to be loud or flashy; it can be found in the quiet, steadfast support that he provides his family. His approach demonstrates that being there, offering a calm and dependable presence, can be a powerful way to show care and devotion.


2. The (Super) Proud Pop: Baek Du-Gwan from “Queen of Tears”

The (Super) Proud Pop wears his heart on his sleeve, always ready to boast about his children’s achievements. Inspired by the character Baek Du-Gwan from the drama Queen of Tears, these dads are their kids’ biggest cheerleaders.

Baek Du-Gwan from “Queen of Tears” with his Wife

Photo Courtesy of Drama Beans

Remember that episode where Baek Du-Gwan bragged to his in-laws about his son Baek Hyun-Woo’s accomplishments? He proudly highlighted Hyun-Woo’s top grades, athletic prowess, and even remarked on how much Hyun-Woo resembled him in his youth.

These dads revel in every milestone, no matter how small, their pride evident in their glowing expressions and enthusiastic recounting of their children’s successes. Their unwavering support fosters a positive environment, encouraging their children to strive for even greater heights.

3. The Sharing Dad: Lee Joon Gi from “Flowers of Evil”

Sharing dads is all about teamwork in parenting. Lee Joon Gi’s character, Baek Hee Sung, in *Flowers of Evil* exemplifies this approach. A successful craftsman, he balances his work with household responsibilities seamlessly.


 Lee Joon Gi from “Flowers of Evil”

Photo courtesy of Namoo Actors

Baek Hee Sung shares parenting roles with his wife, Cha Ji-Won, a detective busy solving crimes and arresting criminals. Despite her demanding job, they maintain a collaborative approach to parenting. Hee Sung engages in household tasks and actively participates in discussions about their daughter’s upbringing, ensuring they both contribute equally to family life.

This teamwork creates a harmonious and balanced family environment. By sharing responsibilities, they support each other’s careers while providing a stable and nurturing home for their child. Baek Hee Sung’s ability to balance his professional success with his duties as a father and husband makes him a model of the modern, sharing dad.


4. The Handyman Dad: Slater Young

Slater Young is the quintessential Handyman Dad. Despite his busy schedule managing his business, he always finds time to play and have fun with his sons and wife. Known for his practical home improvement tips, Slater shows homeowners how to enhance their living spaces cost-effectively.

Slater Young With His Son

Photo Courtesy of Slater Young’s Facebook

What sets Slater apart is his ability to blend practicality with fun. His children not only learn valuable life skills from him but also enjoy the process. His playful nature, combined with his handyman abilities, makes him a beloved figure in his family. Slater ensures that every moment spent with his family is filled with joy and learning.

5. The Chill Dad: Richard Yap

Contrary to the strict characters he often portrays on screen, Richard Yap is a Chill Dad in real life. Known for his roles in Be Careful with My Heart and My Binondo Girl, Richard is relaxed and fun-loving when it comes to his own family.


Richard Yap With His Daughter

Photo Courtesy of Richard Yap’s TikTok

One glimpse of his TikTok videos reveals this side of him. Frequently seen dancing to TikTok trends with his daughter, Richard showcases his playful and sweet side, endearing him to his fans even more. He values spending quality time with his family, fully aware that children grow up fast and cherishing every moment with them. Richard’s dedication to making these moments count highlights his belief in balancing work and family life, creating a nurturing and joyful home environment.


6. The New Dad: Benedict Cua

Benedict Cua is navigating the challenges and joys of fatherhood as a new dad. A popular content creator, Benedict is wholeheartedly embracing his role as a father to his newborn son, Aleck. Despite the ups and downs that come with being a new parent, Benedict’s love and dedication to his child are unwavering.

Benedict Cua With Newborn Son

Photo Courtesy of Benedict Cua’s Instagram

His journey into fatherhood is just beginning, filled with brand-new experiences and heartfelt moments. From the first sleepless nights to the joy of Aleck’s first smile, everything is new and exciting for Benedict. He approaches each day with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, sharing his authentic experiences with his followers on social media.

As he adapts to the demands of caring for a newborn, Benedict’s dedication to being a present and loving father ensures that he is not just witnessing his son’s growth, but actively participating in it. Balancing his career as a content creator with his new responsibilities at home, Benedict is committed to creating a nurturing and loving environment for Aleck, embracing every new challenge and triumph along the way.

7. The Traditional Dad: Wilson from “Can’t Buy Me Love”

In the Chinoy community, the Traditional Dad stands as a beacon of timeless values and customs. These fathers adhere steadfastly to age-old traditions, emphasizing respect, discipline, and family honor. They are the custodians of cultural heritage, instilling in their children a deep appreciation for their roots and ensuring that traditional practices endure within the family.

Wilson gathers his children together

Photo Courtesy of ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube Channel

Like characters such as Wilson from “Can’t Buy Me Love,” they embody the essence of filial piety and serve as pillars of strength and guidance for their families. However, they are not without their flaws; sometimes their unwavering belief in traditional values may lead them to make decisions for their children without considering their individual desires and aspirations. 

For instance, Wilson’s agreement to arrange marriages for his daughters Betinna and Caroline in the show highlights this aspect of traditional parenting, where the father believes he knows what is best for his children’s future.

Dad is Dad

Each type of Chinoy dad brings a unique flavor to fatherhood, demonstrating that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Whether it’s through quiet presence, collaborative parenting, hands-on engagement, relaxed fun, or the excitement of new experiences, these dads enrich their families with love, support, and dedication. And among them, the Traditional Dad stands tall, preserving cherished values while embracing the evolving landscape of parenthood.


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