Autohub Group Tao Ke ‘Wayne’s Aspiration’ to Follow His Father’s Tracks

Autohub Group Tao Ke

Continuing family legacy has always been part of Chinese-Filipino families. Chinoy parents often instill in their children the importance of preserving and continuing the family legacy. It is not just about maintaining the family name but also encompasses values, traditions, and businesses that have been passed down through generations.

For Wayne Tee Ten, the Chief Brand Officer of Autohub Group, this legacy isn’t just about continuing a business; it is about fulfilling a dream and following in the footsteps of his father. “I looked up to my dad so much,” Wayne recalled with a smile. “[Being] a businessman was my dream growing up.”

Wayne Tee Ten Cheerfully Answers The Questions

The Beginning of a Legacy

Autohub Group was founded by Wayne’s father, Willy Tee Ten, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for cars. Before he ventured into the automotive world and started a Ford dealership, his family had an alcohol distillery business for 12 years. “During 1999, he started the Ford dealership,” as Wayne remembered.

Autohub Group was born out of Willy’s bold move during the Asian Financial Crisis. Despite the discouragement Willy received from his peers, he brushed it off and opened his first Ford dealership in Makati. 

First Branch Ford Makati

Photo courtesy of Wayne Tee Ten

From a modest start, the business grew steadily, earning a reputation for quality service and customer satisfaction. Autohub Group has expanded and grown exponentially with 85 branches nationwide. This growth has attracted partnerships with 22 multinational brands, further solidifying its position in the market.

Wayne grew up witnessing his father’s dedication and hard work in the business, gaining valuable insights into commitment and perseverance. “I was only four years old, and I always saw him in a suit and tie. And I was very excited, too,” Wayne reminisced.

While not everyone opts for formal attire, Wayne was deeply inspired by his father’s professional appearance, thinking, “Wow, I want to be just like him!” 

Whenever Willy asked his son Wayne about his aspirations, Wayne consistently replied, “I want to be a businessman.” His father always had a big smile on his face whenever he heard Wayne’s answers, which made him very happy.


Wayne Is Bonding With His Father Willy

Photo courtesy of Wayne Tee Ten

Observing his father’s dedication to the business, Wayne’s dream of becoming a businessman only grew stronger. “[Being a] businessman was my dream growing up,” he added.

A Son’s Stride

Wayne’s admiration for his father was not just about the business attire or the success of Autohub Group. It was the passion and resilience his father displayed every day that truly left an impression on him. “I was [in] third-year high school when I wanted to join the family business”, Wayne shared. 


As he grew older, his father began involving him more in the business, teaching him the ropes and imparting invaluable lessons about entrepreneurship. “I started with the rank and file as a sales consultant at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars,” Wayne expressed. After soldering cars to various clients for months or probably for a year, his hard work paid off. “He [My father] promoted me to a sales manager position. Then he added brands relating to sales.”


“But before all those, I started with sales and of course, service. I did months of training in every department,” Wayne added. With his father’s guidance and support, Wayne successfully managed to learn how the operation works, learning important lessons about leadership, decision-making, and teamwork along the way.

Pressure: The Weight of Legacy

Walking in the footsteps of a successful parent is never easy, and for Wayne, the pressure is palpable. “My dad is an overachiever. Based on his résumé, he’s number two in the Chemical Engineering Board exam,” Wayne shared. The legacy of his father looms large, casting both a shadow and a guiding light on his path. The expectations were high, not just from the business community but also when his father’s achievements became a frequent topic of conversation among friends and family. “There’s a lot of pressure because it’s hard to replicate what he did.”

Wayne with father showcasing his achievements

Wayne with father showcasing his achievements

Naturally, Wayne feels the weight of these accomplishments as he strives to uphold the family name and take the business to new heights. Despite all of that, Wayne replied to their family friends that “I said I wanted to replicate it and build on his legacy.”

Lessons From Wayne’s Father: Humility, Hard Work, and Purpose

Wayne’s journey to follow in his father’s footsteps at Autohub Group is not just about business strategies and brand building; it’s also about personal growth and learning from the wisdom passed down through generations. Wayne often reflects on the valuable lessons his father imparted to him, which continue to guide him in both his professional and personal life.

Be Humble

One of the most enduring lessons Wayne learned from his father is the importance of humility. His father always emphasized the value of staying grounded, regardless of success or status. In the competitive world of business, it can be tempting to let achievements go to one’s head, but Wayne remembers his father’s words and strives to remain humble in his interactions with others.


Wayne Tee Ten Doing Charity

Photo courtesy of Wayne Tee Ten


Humility, for Wayne, is not just a virtue but also a strength. It allows him to listen more than he speaks, to learn from others, and to admit when he doesn’t have all the answers. This humble approach fosters trust and respect among his team members, customers, and business partners, laying the foundation for meaningful relationships and collaboration.


Work Hard

Another cornerstone of Wayne’s father’s wisdom is the value of hard work. “No matter where you are in life. You have to work hard,” Wayne shared. His father believed that no matter where you are in life, whether at the top of the ladder or just starting out, hard work is essential for success. 


Wayne took this lesson to heart and embodies it in his daily work ethic. “I would stay in the office until 12 or even one,” Wayne shared. “I’d be happy if I got to ten or if I left the office at them,” he added, emphasizing that his happiness is not tied to the clock but to the work he accomplishes and the goals he achieves.

Wayne Tee Ten Inside a Car

For Wayne, working hard is not just about putting in long hours; it’s about dedication, commitment, and perseverance. He believes that hard work is the fuel that drives him towards his goals, propelling him forward even when faced with challenges or setbacks. This relentless work ethic has been instrumental in his career growth and in driving the success of Autohub Group.

Have a Mission, Vision, and Goals

Beyond humility and hard work, Wayne’s father taught him the importance of having a mission, vision, and goals in life. These elements, according to his father, give purpose and direction to one’s journey, providing a roadmap for success and fulfillment.

Wayne has taken this lesson to heart and has crafted a clear mission, vision, and set of goals for himself and for Autohub Group. His mission is to uphold the legacy of the company while innovating and adapting to the changing automotive landscape.

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