These items are cute and quirky pandemic must-haves

Despite the eased quarantine protocol in the metro, wearing face shields and masks are still a must whenever you are going outside of your home. But there’s no rule that says it shouldn’t be fun! 

Scroll through our compilation of cute pandemic essentials and find out where to buy them. 


Candy-themed masks

‘90s kids will surely love these candy-themed masks! Artsykit brings back childhood memories by printing the most favorite candies of the generation such as the White Rabbit, Bazooka gum, Mik-Mik, ChocNut, and Haw Haw on their face masks.

Artsykit’s White Rabbit face mask


Artsykit’s Bazooka Bubble Gum face mask

Artsykit is a local brand that has been in the apparel industry since 2014. Owners Kamille Peña and Migz Valdes have been advocating the expression of individualism through their products. They are also having collaboration works with some of the talented local creatives in order to support the artist community.

Artsykit’s Choc Nut face mask

Their face masks are made of canvas fabric that is suitable for general daily use. The brand reminds the buyers that these products are not made for clinical or surgical purposes.

Artsykit’s Mik Mik face mask

Artsykit sells these pretty face masks for P180 each. Check out more of their products here


‘Face’ masks

A recent New York Times article addressed a problem that has arisen along with the threat of coronavirus infection, and that is being a little more face blind. Most people are wearing face masks that cover almost half of their faces. No wonder why your office mates don’t recognize you whenever you meet down the hallways.

But a Chinoy entrepreneur had a witty take on this problem. Jo-Anne Wong of Merry Masks PH thought of not just customizing the designs of their face masks, they printed the faces of their customers. So it’s literally a ‘face’ mask!

Merry Masks PH’s ‘face’ mask

Merry Masks PH’s masks are reversible and are made of 2-ply comfortable fabric that comes with a 1-ply water-repellent filter. You can order a pack of three for P230 and have a free adjustable strap. They also have other cute designs that you can choose from.

Merry Masks PH’s Animal Crossing-themed face masks


Merry Masks PH’s Baking-themed face masks

Their masks are available in small to large sizes so you can order some for your kids, too!

Merry Masks PH’s face masks for kids

Check out more of Merry Masks PH designs here!

Personalized contactless pointers

Bacteria and viruses are present everywhere. What more on the surfaces that are usually touched by the public such as the elevator or ATM buttons and door handles? Well, here’s a product that we all thought we didn’t need during the pre-COVID-19 days—contactless pointers.

Merry Masks PH’s Contactless Pointer

Merry Masks PH offers personalized contactless pointers where you can have your name written on it. They are made of plastic and are available in black and transparent for P120. Have them hang with your keys so you can never lose them.


Customized face and eye shields

Face and eye shields are primarily used to protect the eyes since viruses can penetrate the mucous membranes. Take note that while some shields are extended on the sides and below the chin, it is still not recommended as a substitute for face masks.

But here’s some good news, you can wear face shields and still look stylish!

Merry Masks PH’s Star Wars Attachable Eye Shield

You can get these matchy-matchy masks, attachable eye shields (P30/pack of 3 masks) and face shields (P80 each) from Merry Masks PH. They recently launched their sets, completing our list of pandemic essentials. Buyers are free to make their own designs, they just need to message their Facebook page.

Merry Masks PH’s Star Wars Face Shield

Merry Masks PH needs about three to five days for the layout of the submitted designs and about 12 to 15 days of production (for customized orders).

What products are you eyeing to get?

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