Dragon Boat Festival: 6 places to try out delicious machang

Celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month — aka today, June 14th — is one of China’s most notable traditional holidays: the Dragon Boat Festival

Also referred to as the Double Fifth Festival or Duanwu (端午), this special time of the year is considered to be extremely unlucky because the fifth lunar month is believed to attract illnesses and natural disasters. In order to avoid this misfortune, the ancient Chinese held rituals, ceremonies, and performances to drive away evil spirits, refining them into the festivals now held today. 

One delicious practice that became especially popular was eating zongzi (粽子), pyramid-shaped glutinous rice dumplings stuffed with either a sweet or savory filling, depending on the region. Chinoys, of course, would know these by their Hokkien name machang!

Here in the Philippines, machang is known to be a scrumptious sticky rice dish that hides within a treasure trove of umami — that mouthwatering combination of pork belly, Chinese sausage, salted duck eggs, and herbs and spices all coming together to create the savory goodness that defined many a Chinoy childhood

For those wanting to take part in the Dragon Boat festivities, reminisce about this classic Chinoy dish, or both, we’ve prepared a fun list just for you! Check out these six places in the Metro for some good ol’ machang: 


1. Choi Garden

Recognized as one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Metro Manila, it’s definitely not a surprise to see Choi Garden serving up this Chinoy favorite! This year’s Dragon Boat Festival serves up a special menu of machang three ways: Machang Cantonese Style with Yellow Beans (P228), Machang Fookien Style (P268), and Special Machang with Mini Abalone (P348). 


Source: Choi Garden Annapolis Facebook page


All items are available in Choi Garden’s Annapolis and Promenade branches. 

Facebook: @OfficialChoiGardenAnnapolis, @choigardengreenhillspromenade
Contact No: 87276042 (Annapolis), 89863712 (Promenade)


2. King Chef Dimsum House

Want a dim sum kitchen that delivers all around the metro? Well, King Chef Dimsum Kitchen has definitely got your back! King Chef’s rendition of machang (P115) is an appetizing lotus-leaf wrapped pair of steamed glutinous rice dumplings stuffed with chicken and mushroom. As a part of a very wide selection of Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisine, the dish, among many others, is available for order on the King Chef website


Source: King Chef Dim Sum House

Facebook: @kingchefph
Contact No: 3610571, 3611332


3. Ho-Land Hopia

In addition to its signature series of hopia, this authentic Chinese bakery also serves an assorted variety of machang for customers to enjoy. Ho-Land Hopia’s savory creations include Pork Machang (P85); Double Pork with Mushroom Machang (P130); Large Chicken with Pork and Mushroom Machang (P115); and Taochang (P85), a unique version of machang that contains beans. 


Source: Ho-Land Hopia


All items are available for purchase on the Ho-Land Hopia website

Facebook: @holandhopiachinesedeli
Contact No: 282429709


4. Machang House

This specialty house doesn’t just give out your usual machang — expressed as the culmination of a grandmother’s recipe that’s more than half a century old, Machang House’s take is absolutely bigger, heavier, and meatier! Those looking to satisfy their cravings will be pleased to know that the eatery’s machang are available freshly frozen in two classic flavors, Chicken and Pork, for P160.


Source: Machang House Facebook page


All items are available for orders on Machang House’s social media pages. 

Facebook: @MachangHouse
Contact: 09496171577


5. Pepita’s Kitchen

Pepita’s Kitchen by lechon diva Dedet de la Fuente has brought to life an enormously sumptuous rendition of this Chinoy childhood dish, aptly naming the creation Mamachang (P1,000 – 2 pcs) — the mama of machangs. The reinvented glutinous rice dumpling is served double its usual size and is steamed within a banana leaf, instead of using the typical lotus wrappings, and is also jam-packed with flavors from a special combination of seven lucky ingredients that all come together in savory harmony. 


Source: Lechon Diva of Pepita’s Kitchen Facebook page


Mamachang is available for orders on Pepita Kitchen’s social media pages. 

Facebook: Lechon Diva of Pepita’s Kitchen
Contact: 09178660662


6. Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant

Everyone knows Sincerity is a Chinatown favorite! Although it is primarily renowned for its crispy-tender fried chicken, the restaurant is also proud of its best-selling 8 Treasure Machang (P135), which makes use of fine ingredients such as abalone and scallop. Other yummy glutinous rice items include Sincerity’s Regular Machang (P70), served with either chicken or pork, and Special Machang (P90), available with chicken, pork, mushroom, hebi, and castañas. 


Source: Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant Facebook page


The items are available in all of Sincerity’s branches and are also available for order in Sincerity’s social media pages. 

Facebook: @sincerityrestaurant.main
Contact: 282419990


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