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Your personality type based on how you hold your chopsticks

The use of chopsticks can be traced to some 5,000 years back. Along with it, different ways to hold the chopsticks have also evolved throughout generations. As the Chinese have very set traditions and beliefs, some Chinoys were raised in households where they were taught a ‘proper’ way to use chopsticks in picking up food. This is part of the typical table manners Chinoys practice up to this day, along with many other cultural norms in the Chinese tradition. 

In the present day, you may notice different ways of holding chopsticks in different restaurants, by different types of people. Curious to know what your hold says about you based from the psychology of food? Keep scrolling to find out!

     1. The Imperialist

You love to have everything under control—from how you organize your workspace, to how you arrange your schedule. You’re a natural leader who knows what he/she wants and exactly how to execute it. You’re also a very protective person of those people who are closest to your heart. You are brave, headstrong, and independent. You set a goal and achieve it no matter what.


     2. The Casual

You’re a more easygoing person who always keeps a cool head. You have things under control most of the time and you just let nature take its course. You are less agitated in stressful situations than most people and is always the person who balances out the tension and stress in any group. You know how to talk to people and relax, your personality is a temple of peace.


     3. The Traditionalist

You’re either part of the older generation, or was born in a very strict and traditional household. You like rules and abide by them in perfect order. You love things to be neat and organized, peaceful, and quiet. You also prefer to be quiet and thinking than to be loud and passionate. You are rarely impulsive and are most of the time the more logical thinker in a group.


     4. The Overthinker

You either overthink or over worry a lot. You always set up plan B and plan C or even plan D in preparation for when or if plan A fails. You like to make sure that you always deliver your work perfectly. Most of the time you finish your tasks immediately and do not wait for the due date. You like feeling secure that nothing will go wrong. You’re also a more private person deep down despite being a seemingly open book to everyone else.


5. The Outlier

You don’t like fitting in the norms and being categorized. You were born to stand out. You have a very unique take on life and always strive to see the picture in another angle. You offer unique perspectives in conversations and always strive to see beyond what people can commonly see.

     6. The Disappointment

You just can’t use chopsticks to pick up food, you just can’t. So you poke your siomai when nobody’s looking and pretend you can pick it up. Or better yet, request for a fork and a spoon to save yourself from more embarrassment.

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