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7 Video Games Set in China

With people spending more time at home, computer games have seen an even greater rise in popularity. Games, like Fall Guys, Among Us, and Valorant, have become prominent in the mainstream since they were a good way for people to stay in touch with friends and enjoy some friendly competition. But in case you love the competition of the games and want to go on an adventure in China, there are a few video games you can check out to scratch that specific itch.

We’ve listed the China-set games in chronological order, just in case you want to explore the country at different points in time — and also so you can gradually move to better visuals as you work through our list.

Tomb Raider II (1997)

Lara Croft’s mission is to find the mythical “dagger of Xian,” a weapon that can transform its bearer into a dragon. Levels of the game are set in China, around the Great Wall.

Dynasty Warriors (1997)

Did anyone say hack and slash? This is one of the most popular franchises in that genre, and the battles are set in the Chinese era of the Three Kingdoms. A win-win!

New Legends (2002)

You play as Sun Soo who aims to free China from Xao Gon, and you use firearms and melee weapons on your journey. This game was praised for its beautiful depiction of China, but fair warning: the gameplay was poorly received as it was very bland.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb (2003)

Of course, here’s another action-adventure on the list. This time, it’s set China in 1935. For the Indiana Jones fans, this lands between Shrine of the Sea Devil and the Temple of Doom films. Some levels take place on the Great Wall and in the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China (2015)

Set in 1526 China, the game focuses on Shao Jun, who returns to her homeland after training with a legendary Italian assassin. She aims to exact revenge against the Templar group who wiped out the Chinese brotherhood. In this one, gamers get to enjoy Macau, Nan’an, the Forbidden City, and of course, the Great Wall.

Resident Evil 6 (2012)

Okay, this might be a bit of a stretch to say it was set in China, more like a cutscene was. Hunnigan finds Simmons on his way to China where a bioterror attack has begun. Leon and Helena fake their deaths and follow Hunnigan to China soon after. Despite just being a cutscene, the Resident Evil series is a staple in almost any gamer’s repertoire.

Hitman 3 (Still in development)

Hitman is a beloved video game franchise and has announced the third installment of the series. The teasers have been looking good, and last November they announce a new location: Chongqing, China. The rainy, neon-lit streets of this Chinese transportation hub is sure to blow everyone’s minds. We cannot wait for the game’s release.


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