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Camille Co: How to Talk to Your Chinoy Parents and More Advice

Camille Co, a leading lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur, recently appeared on CHiNOY TV’s produced podcast Rise Up. and gave a rare glimpse of her journey and behind-the-scenes secrets of being an in-demand content creator. 

Camille runs several businesses, such as Nordik Concepts and Curio Cavern for your furniture needs. She also heads the Cantonese restaurant, The Canton Club, together with her husband.

Podcast host Janeena Chan and Camille had a blast talking about Camille’s career, challenges, sources of inspiration, and of course, insightful advice. Here are some words of wisdom from Camille:

1. Know yourself.

When you’re younger, you may be more insecure. To help remedy that, Camille highlights the importance of being self-aware. “You can’t please everyone, but if you’re self-aware and you have a good support system, and you really know yourself, and you’ve got friends and family that will help you keep grounded and will help you and support, then that will help at least,” she said. “And you will have core values that will help you get through it.”

2. Be your most authentic self.

“The reason why the blogging industry became such a hit or influencer marketing became such a hit is because we were relatable. People were looking for marketing avenues or advertising avenues from real people, not celebrities,” she said. “I think people forget that — that at end of the day, they always have to be authentic and true to themselves.”

In addition, she shared, “You get so excited because a brand comes to you and it’s your first job, but it’s not really true to yourself, to your branding, or it’s not something that you actually use or it doesn’t make sense for you to actually market something like that, so then you always have to stay true to your voice.”

Courtesy of Camille Co

3. Come to an understanding with your parents.

When Camille first wanted to go into the media industry, she said her parents weren’t necessarily in favor of it and didn’t understand what it was. She shared her advice for anyone who may be going through a similar situation with their parents.

“What worked for me was I brought them into my world more, not necessarily bringing them to events, but I showed them what I was doing,” she said. “I would show them my photos, I would show them my posts, I would show them the work I’m getting, just explaining it to them because at the end of the day, your parents’ fear comes from — stems from the uncertainty and the unknown.”

“You just have to take your time to explain and to make them understand what it is you’re really doing because then, it would be easier for them to understand and to, you know, get rid of all these misconceptions,” she added.

She gave another piece advice on how to deal with parents who may disapprove at first: “Do well in what they want you to do. Let’s say they want you to study first and do this and do that. You can always do this thing on the side anyways, so listen to them, study,” she said. “All these things come in handy even if you want to be a content creator in the future, you still do need business skills, you still do need marketing skills, you still do need to understand your numbers.”

According to Camille, “Your parents just care for you. They just need to understand that you’re going to be fine in life.”

4. It’s okay to take a break.

Burnouts are normal and they happen to everyone. For instance, according to Camille, in the influencer industry in the Philippines, content creators are usually solely responsible for working on their own concepts, content, and editing. So, it’s important to take a step back to rest and recharge.

“It’s so easy for you to feel burnt out, and for me, the best way is really just to take yourself out of the situation, step back, go offline, and just regroup,” she said.

“For me, it’s always about listening to what you need,” she added. Then, you’ll come back refreshed and better than ever, she revealed.

5. Rise above.

“Don’t bad mouth anyone. It’s a small industry. It is a small industry in a sense that, you know, we all kinda know each other,” she advised. “It is a big industry in the sense that it’s big enough for all of us, so no need to pull other people down.”

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