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Chinoy shares her horror stories 

All of us have our fair share of horror stories—something peculiar that we may have witnessed, which can not be explained by just logic. These are the creepy yet interesting stories we love to share with our families or friends during the night. 

We asked a Chinoy to share some of her families’ horror encounters, ranging from mysterious encounters with weird beings to haunted places. 


1) The Lucky Ghost 

There used to be a place near my house that my family would rent out to other people. It was eventually rented by my brothers’ groupmates who were doing their thesis together. 

His groupmates’ parents or relatives would usually visit them, but one time an old man appeared. The groupmates who saw him asked who he was finding for, but the old man did not speak and went upstairs. They thought he went to the bathroom and followed him to find out that he wasn’t there. When they asked their other groupmates, they told them that they did not even see any old man enter. 

The old man was said to be the previous tenant who died there. All those who saw him passed their thesis, but those who did not fail. 

2) Mermaid in the Dark 

My grandfather told us many stories about his strange encounters. This is definitely one of them. 

Back in the province, people had to go to the river to get water. There was one time my grandfather did this around 4:00 am in the morning. While he was gathering water, he saw a lady bathing nearby. 

It was odd for him since no one would usually wash him/herself at this time. Yet weirdly, after the woman was done bathing, she jumped into the waters, and he saw a glimpse of her tail. 

3) Morning Run 

This is another story of my grandfather. 

Back in the province, he used to jog in the track and field of a high school. Overlooking this place is a cemetery where you can clearly see the names of people’s tombstones. 

My grandfather loves going here at dawn. 

One time, while he was at his usual jog, he bumped into a man wearing a hat and greeted him. The man greeted him back and they went their separate ways. 

This man, however, didn’t have a head. 

4) Haunted House 

My mom used to live in a house near Dangwa when she was studying at UST. She always found that house creepy since she would experience someone choking her at night. There was even one time when she sat on the toilet and felt like she was sitting at someone she couldn’t see. 


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