Easy Ways to Wear the Trendy Ear Cuffs As Seen on Chinoy Celebs

In 2018, the ear cuff was thrust into the spotlight when Catriona Gray donned the accessory when she was crowned as Miss Universe in 2018. Suddenly, there was a version of the ear cuff in every accessory store in the Philippines.

Jumping to 2021, and the hype for the effortless accessory hasn’t died down. Even Chinoy celebrity Heart Evangelista recently sported them amongst her other ear jewelry.

The ear cuff is an easy accessory to incorporate into your everyday. There are even ear cuffs available for pierced and unpierced ears. We’ve got some ways to style a cuff in case you’re in the market to add a new piece to your jewelry collection — perfect for an intimate girls’ night out or over Zoom.

While Catriona Gray’s “Alab and Dangal” ear cuff, which is made of gold, diamonds, and rubies, might be a bit much for every day, if we tone down the bling, but keep the general shape, you’re still gonna get a showstopper.

Something a bit wispier and lighter on the ear is a dainty accessory you can fall in love with. A dainty cuff paired with simple studs will add an oomph to your look. There are ear cuffs that keep close to the ear, as well — lot more subtle, but no less cool.

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For more glam, you can pair the cuff with matching ear accessories. You can opt to buy your cuffs in sets, and it makes everything so much easier. Pick a set in a color that goes best with your outfits or in basic metail so that it’s a simple and fuss-free addition to your OOTD.

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What’s more, there are ear cuffs that wrap around your lobe instead of your entire ear, and those are cute, too!  They’re a little less intimidating in size and much more discreet. For an edgier look, these may come with a connective chain to a lobe stud, or simply be an ear cuff so you can place it anywhere on your ear. These are also easy to stack, and the more you add, the edgier the look. See Hong Kong singer and actress Fiona Sit’s styling of the thicker plain bands on her upper lobe. Effortlessly cool.

Photo courtesy of Fiona Sit

Is edgy not really your style? Not to worry! The ear cuffs could lend to a punk or glam look, depending on the type of ear cuffs you wear. Some come studded, in plain metal, or polished with sparkly gems. This one on Kryz Uy is dainty and soft. Which one matches your vibe?

Photo courtesy of Kryz Uy

Have we enticed you to experiment with ear cuffs yet? You said “yes,” right? What are you waiting for? Go find the ear cuff meant for you!

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