Fun Christmas Gift Ideas for Shoti and Shobe

Is there no better feeling than being the source of happiness for your younger siblings on Christmas eve? Here are some gift toy ideas that would be perfect for your shoti and shobe or any kids in your family:

1. Coloring Set by Smart Toys PH

Unleash your younger siblings’ creativity with this premium coloring set of art materials by Smart Toys PH. This art set has over 102 pieces of art supplies! It boasts of 24 color oil pastels, 24 color crayons, 18 color washable markers, 12 color colored pencils, 10 color solid watercolors, 4 color stamp pads, 4 color pattered stamps, 2 pencil hand-held. Plus, the art supplies included in the set are non-toxic, user-friendly, and environmentally friendly!

2. Wooden Food Grocery Stall Cart by Smart Toys PH

Your younger sibling might just run a business someday. Perhaps this little wooden food stall cart by Smart Toys PH would unleash their imagination and serve as the beginnings of their future business or passion. This set includes everything you need for a make-believe seller: a wooden cart/stand, a weighing scale, a cash register, 2 milk cartons, 2 coffee cups, 2 canned drinks, 2 condiments, 1 VIP card, 2 canned goods, 6 pastries, 2 baskets, 2 cups, 1 jam, 1 ice cream box, and 1 juice.

3. Sesame Street Lego

Does shoti or shobe enjoy playing with Legos? Why not get them Lego’s Sesame Street set? Building Legos helps unleash a child’s creativity and problem solving, allowing them to follow an easy set of directions, have fun, and enjoy the toy once it’s finished. You may also find your siblings’ other favorite TV or movie characters’ set at Lego store outlets. Lego branches can be found at BGC Park Triangle, Alabang Town Center, TriNoma, The Ayala 30th, and UP Town Center. You can also check their socials for more information. 

4. Paopao the Siopao by Takaw Toys

Wouldn’t your little shoti and shobe like having these plushies by their bedside? The Chinese edition of these plushies include Paopao the Siopao and Maimai Siomai. Takaw Toys also carries various other cute street food toys on their Instagram page!

5. Bubble Camera by Cosmo Joy Store

This is not your ordinary camera. Its unique features include producing hundreds of bubbles and playing music with just a simple push of a button. Cherish taking pictures with your little sibling with this camera bubble maker from Cosmo Joy Store.

6. Classic Piano by toytinkr

Give your siblings the gift of music. This classic piano is perfect for young beginners. Visit toytinkr for this piano and more great finds that they might enjoy as well.

7. Monkey Balance by Yellow Tag Manila

Combine fun and education for your or siblings with this friendly monkey toy that would help improve their memory retention and basic math. It also encourages interactive play and helps develop the child’s motor skills. Monkey Balance is perfect for children ages 3 and up. You can get this and search for more family-oriented toys on their Instagram page.

8. Ocean Adventure Knee High Table by Hape Philippines

This table is the perfect addition to your little sibling’s room. It helps improve their motor skills, promotes dexterity, hand and eye coordination and manipulation. It may also help your younger sibling get better at problem solving as it introduces logic, spatial relationships, critical thinking, and an understanding of cause and effect. Shop for this and similar toys on their Instagram page.

9. Stuffed Pandas by Gift Zone

As most kids dream of having a panda as a pet, these stuffed pandas would be the next best thing. Gift Zone brings you four different sizes of the panda, and any of them would be the best companion for your little siblings as they hug it when they fall asleep every night. You can find this and more stuffed toys and plushies on their Instagram page.

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