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Parenting Tips from Mrs. Universe 2020 San Juan – Cynthia Huang

Mrs. Universe 2020 San Juan Cynthia Huang parenting tips

Mrs. Universe 2020 San Juan Cynthia Huang

Raising kids is probably one of the most challenging but most fulfilling jobs in the world. All too often, parents focus attention on their children’s achievements and forget to put time and effort into nurturing their development which is one of the most important parts of raising a child.


Here are four parenting tips that can help you according to Mrs. Universe 2020 San Juan, Cynthia Huang.


Leveled Strictness


Being strict is one thing, but controlling is a whole different story. As a parent, being reasonably strict in terms of values and manners is essential in the upbringing of a child. For Cynthia, she considers herself as strict on her children when it comes to morals but not as much when it comes to academics. Although seeing your kid bring home dozens of medals can have a sense of fulfillment as a parent, one can gain the same fulfillment (probably even more) when your kid can give you something irreplaceable which is the life lessons they have learned from you.


“You grow as a person by motivating yourself and that’s why having a good character and embodying your values are important.” Cynthia Huang



Help kids discover their talents

For new parents, if there is one tip that is very crucial in raising your child it is helping them discover their talents. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and it is the parents’ job to help kids enhance their capabilities and support them in their weaknesses. For Cynthia, she lets her children explore their talents and discover new things by learning new skills such as dancing, singing, or even getting them into sports. These activities would not only let kids find their talents but they will also learn perseverance and discipline. Another important tip that Huang shared was to teach the gospel to your kids as this can let your kids distinguish right from wrong while building a relationship with the Lord.


Consult Others

Different parents have their own advice that may be helpful to you. Have a little conversation with other parents to be enlightened with how they discipline or spend time with their children. For Cynthia, it was a challenge for her on discovering how to be a good parent as she grew up in a dysfunctional family. She revealed that she was able to receive advice and learned countless things from others such as her friend’s mother and her church group.


Teach responsibilities

Having a sense of responsibility is extremely important in the upbringing of a child. Cynthia teaches responsibility to her kids by buying a puppy for them. During the day they attend online classes, they usually play with the dog, have piano lessons, or play sports during their free time.

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