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Seng Di Feature: Where To Get Your Keto Mooncake Fix

Providing another chance for local MSMEs to shine, CHiNOY TV is partnering with Fil-Chi Ho Tsia Ho Dim to present the Seng Di Feature series, a project where Chinoy-owned businesses, chefs, food photographers, and food videographers are highlighted and showcased.

With the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival soon approaching, today’s Seng Di feature sheds a spotlight on Keto Krumbs PH, a new start-up food and beverage business specializing in Chinese Keto desserts.

In 2019, the co-founders of this venture began following the Keto diet and discovered that the Philippines had a lack of Filipino-Chinese delicacies that met their dietary requirements. Wanting to provide delicious and healthy alternatives for the flour-and-sugar-rich desserts to like-minded consumers, as well as recognizing a market they can penetrate, the co-founders soon after started Keto Crumbs PH.

“Even though Keto Mooncakes already exist in other countries like Singapore and Malaysia, with the recent popularity of healthy lifestyle advocacies, we thought it was about time to create something of our own here in the Philippines,” explained Stephanie Carag, who speaks for the business.


Keto Crumbs PH’s best-selling product is the White Lotus variant.


In celebration of the approaching mid-autumn season, Keto Crumbs PH is offering the following Keto Mooncake products: White Lotus (90g) – P198, White Lotus with Yolk (90g) – P218, Black Sesame and Monggo (90g) – P198, and Black Sesame and Monggo with Yolk (90g) – P218.

All of Keto Crumbs PH’s products have been carefully conceptualized to be keto-friendly, sugar-free, and gluten-free, so customers with specific dietary needs may still be able to enjoy their favorite Chinese snacks without having to worry about a cheat day.


Keto Crumbs PH’s mooncakes are created with a healthy lifestyle in mind.


“[O]ne of our missions is to bring [health-conscious people] their old, familiar favorites without the need to sacrifice their diet or health. They can still enjoy their diets and a healthier way-of-eating without feeling deprived,” continued Carag. “Our tagline ‘Great tasting goodness in every crumb’ lives up to this.”

In the future, Keto Crumbs PH hopes to serve a wider market by opening a Keto cafe and store where they can sell their products off-the-shelves. They will be offering more varieties of Keto products after the Mid-Autumn Festival.


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