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10 online groceries that will get you through lockdown

One thing Chinoys have in common is the language of food.

During these troubling times, we need to find ways to stock our pantries while we shelter in place. Thank goodness that there are now plenty of options! With a host of options that can deliver fresh ingredients and even very Chinoy-specific condiments to your doorstep, you can now safely shop your groceries and eat healthily from the comforts of your home! 

Hitting these two birds with one stone, we’ve compiled together a list of online grocers perfect for those wanting the freshest and healthiest in the Metro! Check them out here:


1. The Vegan Grocer PH

Facebook: @thevegangrocerph
Instagram: @thevegangrocerph

Looking for easy vegan options? From keto peanut butter spreads (P216) to meatless tocino (P120), this online store has it all! For the novice cooks, the Vegan Grocer offers a wide range of delicious plant-based viands ranging from frozen Pinoy comfort food to dim sum to guilt-free desserts! If you’re into cooking and baking your own food, they also have healthy ingredients like nutritional yeast and vegan chocolate, so you can whip up your own feast. 


Meatless Tocino by The Vegan Grocer. Source: @thevegangrocerph


2. NuGrocery PH

Website: NuGrocery

An off-shoot of nutrition therapy brand Nuthera, NuGrocery is an online grocery store that provides healthy food essentials with timely convenience. Aside from its vast selection of fresh produce, meats, and poultry, health enthusiasts will be glad to find a mindfully prepared pantry of ready-to-eats at their disposal! If you aren’t satisfied yet with preparing a meal with some sweet potato rice (P249), then why not make a fruit bowl with a dash of chia seeds (P120) on the side?


Some delicious rice alternatives from NuGrocery. Source:


3. Level 5 PH

Facebook: @shoplevel5ph
Website: Level 5

This online fruits and produce store is more than what meets the eye! Sure, you can get some of the freshest fruits and veggies on the table, but what’s truly unique about Level 5 is its absolutely delectable selection of hot pot ingredients — the store even has a variety of lobster balls (P280) and Haidilao soup bases (P165)! How much more authentic can you get?


Level 5 offers Hai Di Lao soup bases.  Source: @level5ph



Instagram: @geraldph

Some of you want a taste of the finer things in life, and we respect that! Equipped with a home delivery service, is a gourmet and health grocer that serves a carefully crafted menu of quality items and healthy options. Here, not only can you find an assortment of free-range meats and imported cheeses, but also various food items that are organic, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and more!


Cook up a delicious dish with Gerald’s Free-Range Whole Chicken (P750), one of the store’s best-selling items. Source: @geraldph


5. Mayani 

Facebook: @mayaniph
Instagram: @mayaniph
Website: Mayani

As the country’s fastest-growing farm-to-table platform, Mayani is committed to delivering the freshest farm-sourced fruits and vegetables to your doorstep, all the while uplifting the lives of farming communities from all over the Philippines! In addition to its natural produce, check out some tasty gourmet Filipino specialties like its Ecija Longganisa (P259) and Gourmet Tuyo (P240).


Gourmet Tuyo by Mayani.  Source: @mayaniph


6. The Green Grocer

Facebook: @thegreengrocermanila
Instagram: @thegreengrocermanila
Website: The Green Grocer

Established in 2011, The Green Grocer is a pioneer local delivery service that brings to your table quality fresh produce, grass-fed meats, and other gourmet eats at your convenience. Aspiring chefs-to-be would very much appreciate this amazing food store — it even has Chef at Home Meal Kits for you to try out!  


7. Real Food

Facebook: @realfoodph
Instagram: @realfoodph
Website: Real Food

Partnered with local farmers and suppliers, Real Food offers fresh and exotic delights from all over the country. In addition to an assortment of organic produce and meats, shoppers can also discover seedless lemons from Surigao (P160 – 500g) and fresh honeycomb from Bukidnon (P950), among other deliciously unique finds. 


An assortment of fresh produce by Real Food.  Source: @realfoodph


8. Fresh Produce

Facebook: @freshproducephilippines
Website: Fresh Produce PH

Fresh Produce is a specialty grocery store that brings fruits and vegetables harvested at the freshness safely to the comforts of your home. Providing shoppers with a next-day delivery service in refrigerated trucks, Fresh Produce makes healthy eating and supporting local farmers an easy simple click away. 


A variety of products by Fresh Produce. Source:

9. Crate2Plate

Facebook: @crate2plateph
Instagram: @crate2plate
Website: Crate2Plate

This premium fruit service is definitely one to check out! Look out for amazing finds such as its  Japanese mandarin ponkans (P220/pack), Korean strawberries (P900 – 330g), and South African avocadoes (P150/pc) here. Aside from these high-quality fruits, shoppers will also be pleased to find assortments of vegetables, meats, and other pantry essentials available for their convenience. 


A box of assorted fruits from Crate2Plate. Source: @crate2plate


10. Healthy Options

Facebook: @HealthyOptionsPhilippines
Instagram: @heathyoptionsph
Website: Healthy Options

Delivering nationwide, Healthy Options is certainly an excellent option for quality groceries. Envisioning a healthier and eco-friendly world, this food store chain has everything from organic and gluten-free ingredients to sugar-free and low-sodium snacks. That’s not to forget its other offerings of fresh produce, supplements, and beauty products, too!


A collection of products from Healthy Options. Source: @heathyoptionsph


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