How Chinoy Celebs are Wearing their Masks

So it’s been almost a full year since we’ve been socially distancing due to the pandemic, but life goes on. We’ve still got things we have to do and places to be. While we’re being as responsible as possible and staying home as much as we can, there are times when we have no choice but to gear up with a face mask and shield. While the KN95 and KF94 masks help keep us protected, there are times you want to look your best and express yourself through style.

We spotted a few Chinoy celebrities wearing their face masks and maybe they’ll inspire you to elevate your OOTD while keeping your face mask on.

Angel Locsin

Source: Instagram

Amid the pandemic, this beauty has been helping out communities in need. She has raised funds and donated tents to help with the COVID efforts. She dons a satin black face mask here as she promotes an artist for Iba ‘Yan, a show that features inspiring stories of our countrymen and how they have adjusted to make ends meet during this global pandemic.


Gretchen Ho

Source: Instagram

Between hosting and advocating for the people, Gretchen makes sure she stays fit. She recently celebrated her 2 years with the Specialized Quezon City (QC) bike store by cycling from QC to BGC. She, of course, wore a mask that matched her jersey. And if Gretchen can wear a mask while doing a work out, so can you.


Jazmin Reyes

Source: Instagram

The host/fashionista/content creator has been making a splash on social media with her Instagram feed and we can see why. This interesting way of styling the face masks is just one example of her creative takes on current events and trends.


Kim Chiu

Source: Instagram

Kim may have the most elaborate face mask on this list. Her white mask is adorned with 3D flowers that perfectly match her outfit. This mask is what girly dreams are made of, and the white color makes it versatile enough to go with any outfit. If you’re so inclined, you can even buy your favorite mask in more than one color to match any mood you’re in.


Scarlet Snow Belo

Source: Instagram

Scarlet, the youngest one on our list, still knows how to rock her face mask. Her unicorn face mask ups her cute factor and makes sure she is safe by fitting her well. She also goes matchy-matchy with her pink shirt, hairclip, and bag to match her mask.


Kris Aquino

Source: Instagram

Kris sports an orange face mask with her orange jumpsuit alongside her eldest son, Josh. Their matching outfits are adorable and kept them safe from head to toe. Make dressing up in the pandemic more fun and safe by coordinating outfits with your loved ones too!

Tim Yap

Source: Instagram

The popular Chinoy events host knows that black is best and matches everything. Whether you’re around animals or people, always make sure that you’re wearing a mask, just like Tim.

While cute cloth masks are trending right now,  just make sure that they fit right, and as much as possible, have a replaceable filter to offer you extra protection.


Did a few names on this list surprise you because perhaps you never realized they were Chinoy? Here are more celebrities you may not have known are part-Chinese.

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