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Rise Up With Janeena Chan: “Backstage with Tim Yap”

RISE Up with Janeena Chan Tim Yap

Welcome to Rise Up with Janeena Chan where we share stories of real-life that draw inspiration provides strength and empowerment to #RiseUp. Produced by the Chinoy Podcast Network, let us continue to rebuild, inspire, strengthen, and empower one another.

For our third episode, we sat down with Tim Yap someone we can call a jack-of-all-trades. A go-getter himself, Tim shares advice on how we can find our purpose, discover our passions, and live our lives to the fullest.

“Be excited about being alive”

For most of us, we’ve become numb to our daily routines and schedules. We don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to get up every day and see it as an opportunity to do something new. Tim, on the other hand, sees every day as a new blessing. Here, he shares with us his mindset on how he continues to stay grateful for being alive and how we can maximize our limited time on earth.

“Giving 2020 a chance”

While not every year turns out to be a great one, we all know 2020 has been tougher than most. Though, Tim believes we shouldn’t be so quick to completely diss this unprecedented year. Even if we didn’t want them, our struggles have allowed us to discover new strengths and realizations. There are no shortcuts to being the best versions of ourselves. We have to go through the entire process, both the good and bad parts, to shine our brightest.

“Keep one’s feet on the ground”

From early on, Tim grew up “close to the earth” as he likes to call it. For him, humility is one of the most important virtues a person should have. Life will teach us a lot of things, but it is humility that will help us to learn and see beyond the surface-level of it.

“Learn what works for us”

We all have emotions, and it’s okay that they’re not always positive ones. Many of us are brimming with pent up emotions and energy, excess baggage that we don’t need. And while we all deal with our negative emotions in different ways, Tim states how important it is for us to find our avenue of release. We can’t wait for all this energy to explode on us. We must learn how to transform it into channels that work for us.

“We’re all works in progress”

Despite having achieved so much in his life already, Tim doesn’t believe he has that one big defining moment. He sees accomplishments and successes as stepping stones that lead us into becoming who we are today. And as we’re never finished products, we should never stop dreaming and creating new goals for ourselves. Young or old, it’s never too late for us to dream.

“Start with yourself”

According to Tim, to live your life to the fullest, you need to start with yourself. You‘ll need to be honest and go deep within. Ask yourself: what do you love? What makes you happy? What is your purpose? Why are you here? These are hard questions to answer, but who said it was meant to be easy? Take things one day at a time, appreciate the beauty in your growth, and you’ll get there eventually.

Check out the third episode of Rise Up with Janeena Chan: “Backstage with Tim Yap” on Spotify!

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