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Must-Watch C-Pop Music Videos

Those interested in listening to C-Pop may want to check out these stellar music videos!

Here are five of the most popular Chinese songs that were released just last December 2020:


1. 過 (Should’ve Let Go) by Jackson Wang ft. JJ Lin

Pinyin: Guò

Delving deep into the memories of past relationships, “Should’ve Let Go” is an emotive single released by Jackson Wang, a Hong Kong-born music artist who is also part of popular K-pop group GOT7, and JJ Lin, a Singaporean Mandopop singer. The poignant music video paints a picture of both Wang and Lin recounting their previous romantic experiences. 


2. 天秘密 (Sweet Guilty Pleasure) by Jolin Tsai

Pinyin: Tián Mì Mì

Known as the Queen of C-Pop, Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai released a popular dance-pop single that everyone would be hard-pressed to forget, especially with its memorable music video! 

A reference to the classic Chinese song of the same name, “Sweet Guilty Pleasure” tells the unorthodox story of a girl who develops a special interest in dolphins after being saved by one when she was young. She eventually grows up and pursues a romance with another dolphin, only for her lover to be murdered by her fellow humans. Tragically, she gives birth to a merchild.  


3. 最好是 (So Be It) by JJ Lin

Pinyin: Zuì Hǎo Shì

Sung by one of Singapore’s most popular artists, “So Be It” is a sweet romantic single marked by vivid lyrics and melodies reminiscent of those produced by Ed Sheeran. Filled with wonderful acoustics and easygoing vocals, the track’s music video depicts JJ Lin performing the song around different rooms and hallways of a high-rise building.

4.人生不能沒副歌 (Don’t Wanna be a Song Without a Chorus)

Pinyin: Rén Shēng Bù Néng Fù Gē

“Don’t Wanna be a Song Without a Chorus” is an ambitious jazz performance by Taiwanese singer Ella Chen. Those wanting a musical experience with quirky tunes, colorful visuals, and rich vocals won’t be disappointed with this track’s music video. After all, as a veteran in the industry, Ella certainly knows how to put on a show!


5. 因为你, 所以我 (Because of You) by Mayday

Pinyin: Yīn Wèi Nǐ Suǒ Yǐ Wǒ

“Because of You” is a soft rock track produced by one of Taiwan’s most popular bands, Mayday. Bringing with it warm melodies and a romantic atmosphere, this music video features the band’s performances as they both languish by a banquet table and sing under the enchanting light of the galaxy-speckled sky. 


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