Recommended Gelai Dishes for New Moms

Source: Gelai.PH

Amid the pandemic, many couples have been blessed with pregnancies and births of new additions to the family. And for many Chinese, they realize the importance of post-natal recovery.

“The post-natal recovery period, otherwise known as gelai to the Chinese, is the first 30 days after giving birth that allows the new mom to recover from giving birth and to rebuild herself. During this period, she receives specially prepared nutrient-dense dishes and drinks as nourishment and comfort, aimed to help her recover lost nutrients, regain physical strength and vitality, and help the body produce breast milk,” according to, who granted an interview but requested to be referred to as the brand. “This is also an investment to our future selves to age gracefully,” they added.

“The Chinese tradition of post-natal recovery (or gelai) is deeply rooted in the principle of balancing the body’s Yin & Yang,” stated “What makes post-natal recovery distinct is the consistency of the regimen and a holistic approach that is not just limited to food but also with drinks and non-food products like herbal bath,” they added.

The minds behind told us that the reason they put up the business is that they wanted to make “self-care more accessible & convenient to new moms because taking care of one’s self after giving birth should not be a challenge. Having a baby is a major physical transition so it is only natural that your body needs time to heal. Nourishing yourself to thank your body will make you feel you are at your best.”


“By merging modern practicality & traditional wisdom, we provide the right care and support to new moms so you can focus on your little one, ” they added.

Their menu consists of a number of gelai dishes that come from generations of matriarchs. “Our moms, mothers-in-law, and grandmothers were very hands-on with our post-natal recovery that they personally prepared our food and tea. We also consult with a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician to ensure that we use the proper ingredients.”

As new moms will know, sometimes, where the ingredients come from are as important as what they’re turned into — especially when it’s meant to help both you and your baby. “Herbs commonly used in TCM for its natural healing powers are commonly infused with our dishes, drinks, and non-food products. We source our quality ingredients from abroad. We constantly order fresh supplies and do not stock them long,” assured us.

Here are their recommended gelai dishes and drinks:


1. Black Chicken in Sesame Oil


“Black Chicken with Goji Berries is a nostalgic dish [that] reminds us of our mother’s love. Black chicken is high in calcium and full of antioxidants to keep you healthy. Goji berries, on the other hand, are known for strengthening the immune system.”


2. Clam Soup with Moringa


[This] is also a favorite because it helps boost milk supply almost immediately! Clams are loaded with protein and iron.”


3. Cha Yo Tsi


Cha Yo Tsi, or kidneys, is also rich in iron, which is important for the mom’s blood recovery.


4. Pot Roast Pigeon


For more iron, don’t forget to order the Pot Roast Pigeon. It’s also brimming with iron for blood recovery.


5. Whole Live Lapu-Lapu Soup


“The whole Live Lapu-Lapu Soup has natural healing properties that can help the moms with wound recovery. It is also high in protein but low in calories, giving the mom more nutrition.”


6. Gelai Daily Tea

Source: Gelai.PH

While food makes up most of their menu, they do recommend a holistic approach to post-natal recovery. “Nourishment that can accelerate the body’s recovery can also be from drinks, herbal baths, and essential oil blends.”

“Gelai Daily Tea (non-caffeinated) is an easy way to heal & restore yourself. Each tea blend plays a significant role in your post-natal recovery that brings immediate & long term benefits. Our Tea Packages include a schedule to guide you on when to take it. The Gelai Daily Tea also includes a ‘cleansing’ blend to expel toxins and lochia (vaginal discharge after giving birth).”

Aside from that, they recommend an herbal bath for new moms. “This medley of herbs is known to expel wind from the body, relieve wind-related pains, and improve blood circulation.” They also offer essential oil blends and Relax, Relief & Milk Boost+ that aim to help moms get through their busy day while taking care of their baby.

For more information, you may contact them via the mobile number, 09175942630, and e-mail address,


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