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3 Great Food Finds

Providing another chance for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to shine, CHiNOY TV presents the #CHiNOYTVSupportsLocal series, a project that puts the spotlight on micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Have you ever just wanted to try something new? Seafood, meat, and imported instant noodles — this Supports Local list has it all! Check out these three stores for some great foodie finds:


1. Mad Crab PH

Facebook: @madcrabph

There are few things in this world that are more delicious than fresh crabs. Mad Crab PH is an online delivery service that brings affordable and export-quality seafood right to your door. Serving irresistibly sumptuous platters of crab and shrimp, this food store is best known for always leaving diners mad for more!

WHAT TO TRY: Mad Crab PH cooks the best Crabs and Shrimp Platter. Crabs are available in 500g (P1,190), 750g (P1,440), 1kg (P1,739), 1.5kg (P2,339), and 2kg (P2,939) servings, all with 500g of shrimp. All platters are available in the following flavors: Signature Butter Garlic, Spicy Cajun, Steamed with Thai Seafood Dip, Singaporean Chili (+P200/kg), Chili Butter Garlic Chi-Style (+P200/kg), and Crab/Shrimp Sotanghon (+P300/kg).

Crab and Shrimp Platters by Mad Crab PH.

Mad Crab PH accepts orders online via Foodpanda, GrabFood, and its social media accounts.


2. Zingkit’s Frozen Foods

Instagram: @zingkitsfrozenfoods

This food start-up was founded by two innovative individuals who enjoy injecting new flavors in their meat creations. Established in the midst of a pandemic, Zingkit’s Frozen Food offers versatile and great-tasting culinary products that are fun to eat with family and friends. Enjoy Zingkit’s Frozen Foods as viands, toppings, or fillings — these quality meats are perfect for them all!   

WHAT TO TRY: Zingkit’s Frozen Foods offers some extremely tasty Soy Pork Bacon (250g – P165, 500g – P290, 1kg – P540) and Soy Beef Bacon (250g – P180, 500g – P320, 1kg – P590).  

Soy Beef Bacon by Zingkit’s Frozen Foods sandwiched in a burger.

Zingkit’s Frozen Foods accepts orders online via its social media accounts. 


3. Klass-A Prestige Commercial, Inc.

Facebook: @klassprogressive

Klass-A is a local food grocery store that provides a variety of imported products and ingredients that will have you satisfying cravings you didn’t even know you had! Delivering the most appetizing culinary innovations to the Philippines, Klass-A aims to continue connecting Filipinos to global food fads for a truly flavorsome experience.

WHAT TO TRY: Some of Klass-A’s best-selling items include its Suan La Fen Series, which includes four variants of hot-and-sour instant glass noodles — spicy, flavorful, and sour, these unique noodles are the latest craze to hit Singapore this year! Other popular products offered by Klass-A are Taiwan’s favorite coffee drink, Just Drink Coffee (P88); Sichuan Sesame Dry Noodles (P110); and Mala Peanuts (P100), among many others. 

Sichuan Sesame Dry Noodles imported by Klass-A.

Klass-A accepts orders online via its social media accounts. 


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