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3 Stores for Your Asian Merienda Cravings

Providing another chance for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to shine, CHiNOY TV presents the #CHiNOYTVSupportsLocal series, a project that puts the spotlight on micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Take a flavorful culinary trip around Asia with today’s Supports Local list! Featuring familiar, well-loved fares from the Philippines and abroad, here are three Asian specialty stores perfect for satisfying your culinary wanderlust:


1. Lola Medy’s Lumpiang Shanghai

Facebook: @lolamedys
Instagram: @lolamedys
Contact No: 09567288447

Lola Medy’s shares a lumpiang shanghai recipe that inspires childhood memories as gold as its crisp skin. Now the legacy of a late grandmother, this online food store promises to serve some of the very best of a classic and timeless Chinoy favorite.   

WHAT TO TRY: In addition to its delicious Lumpiang Shanghai (P180 per tub), Lola Medy’s also offers a varied selection of gourmet sauces this Christmas season. The gourmet collection includes flavors such as Gourmet Tuyo (Mild), Gourmet Tuyo (Spicy), Bagoong, and Chili Garlic Paste. Order any two for P300 or the entire set in a gift box for only P500!

Lumpiang Shanghai by Lola Medy’s.

Lola Medy’s Lumpiang Shanghai accepts orders online via its social media accounts. 


2. Alwayseating_mnl

Facebook: @alwayseating_mnl
Instagram: @alwayseating_mnl
Contact No: 09164242746

Have you ever watched a K-drama and found yourself salivating over the food? Why only want what you can have? Alwayseating_mnl is an online shop that specializes in a popular Korean side dish — the succulently spicy-sour kimchi. True to the store’s name, one bite of its tried and tested recipes will make you realize that you don’t ever want to stop eating!

WHAT TO TRY: Savor every bite of Alwayseating_mnl’s Napa Kimchi (500g – P200, 1kg – P320) and Radish Kimchi (500g – P220, 1kg – P340) alongside the store’s best-selling Half & Half Kimchi Bake (Regular – P470, Sharing – P690), which is layered with gooey cheese, beef, and caramelized spam. Those opting to try out traditional Korean snacks may also look for some sweet and spicy Classic Tteokbokki (Regular – P200, Sharing – P310). 

Assorted food items by Alwayseating_mnl.

Alwayseating_mnl accepts orders online via its social media accounts. 


3. Tacuayaki Freshly Baked

Facebook: @TACUAYAKI
Contact No: 09229123422

Tacuayaki is a portmanteau of the popular Japanese snack takoyaki and the surname Cua, an homage to the family of business founder Christian Edward Cua. Established in Bulacan last 2019, Tacuayaki Freshly Baked has become a fast-rising enterprise, expanding and opening branches all over the metro to serve diners with the hot, savory goodness of freshly baked takoyaki!

WHAT TO TRY: Tacuayaki Freshly Baked’s menu includes a wide variety of takoyaki. Some of its bestsellers are its Classic Squid Takoyaki (8 pcs – P99, 12 pcs – P170) and Cheezy Squid Takoyaki (8 pcs – P99, 12 pcs – P170). For a truly authentic takoyaki experience, adventurous customers may also try out actual tako (read: octopus) with menu items such as Chewy Octoball (8 pcs – P99, 12 pcs – P170) and Cheezy Octoball (8 pcs – P99, 12 pcs – P170).

Chewy Octoball by Tacuayaki Freshly Baked.

Tacuayaki Freshly Baked accepts orders onsite and via its social media pages. 


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