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5 Easy And Tasty Chinese Desserts You Can Do At Home

China is a country known for its extensive culture, traditions and cuisines. But do you know, China is also known for its unique and superior tasting desserts? In Chinese culture, a typical banquet is never complete without sweet desserts. Exquisite Chinese desserts show the beauty of tradition. Chinese desserts blend the desire of oriental cuisine with a unique graceful beauty. Its charm is no less than that of colorful macarons or sweet tiramisu of the West. Compared to Western’s pastries and desserts, Chinese-style desserts are a little bit different as desserts are mainly based on grains of cereals, such as glutinous rice, red beans, sesame, red dates, and sweet potatoes. Aside from that, Chinese desserts usually come with sago as well as Chinese sweet syrup. Generally, Chinese desserts are prepared differently as usual methods include boiling, steaming, freezing and solidifying in order to make the desserts healthier and more refreshing. 

Check out these 5 easy and tasty Chinese desserts you can do at the comfort of your home! 

1) Ma Lai Go (馬來糕)

Ma Lai Go or 馬來糕 is traditional Cantonese dessert famous in Guangdong and Hong Kong. One of the characteristics of Ma Lai Go is that there are three layers of air holes, the top layer is straight, and the lower layer is horizontal. The authentic Ma Lai Go is made from flour, egg, lard, and butter mixed together and finally steamed in a steamer.

2) Mango Pudding (芒果布丁)

Mango pudding is one of the most common Chinese desserts we often see during gatherings and banquets. It’s very simple to make as ingredients are gelatin powder, mango, milk, eggs, and fresh cream.

3) Chinese Glutinous Balls ( 湯圓 )

Tangyuan or 湯圓 is one of the of traditional dessert of the Han ethnicity. It is usually eaten during the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth of the first lunar month. Tangyuan is usually made from glutinous rice flour and black sesame.

4) Sticky Red Bean Rice Cake (紅豆糯米卷)

The red bean glutinous rice rolls are basically made in the same way as the glutinous rice balls, however, red bean glutinous rice balls are flattened into pieces and smeared with bean paste. Red bean has been one of the most popular and iconic ingredients in Chinese cuisine as this brings multiple benefits to our health.

5) Almond Pudding (杏仁豆腐)

Almond pudding or 杏仁豆腐 is one of the traditional desserts of the Han ethnicity. It is mainly made of sweet almonds which is then boiled in water. After freezing and condensing, it becomes firm and solidified and is cut into pieces. The end result is soft and tender pudding texture. Aside from being just a dessert, almonds are believed to have the effects of relieving thirst, strengthening our lungs and reduced blood pressure.

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