8 Chinoy Podcasts With Great Life Advice

Podcasts have been growing in popularity, especially abroad. Here in the Philippines, more and more people are also starting to tune in to podcasts, while others have been creating them.

Here in the Philippines, these are some of the Chinoy podcasters that are worth a listen:


1. Slater and Kryz Young of Skypodcast

Slater Young and Kryz Uy Young are a married couple that named their podcast after their initials. Young, a former Big Brother housemate, and Uy, a top blogger, shared in their first podcast that upon realizing that they have so many deep and meaningful conversations with each other, they decided to set up a podcast to impart their reflections to others. Their candid conversations revolve around life, relationships, family, and their memorable misadventures.


2. Janeena Chan of Rise Up with Janeena Chan

CHiNOY TV’s first-ever produced podcast, Rise Up with Janeena Chan, features prominent people who are successful in their field and are proudly Chinoy. Host and content creator Janeena Chan leads empowering conversations with the guests as they unravel their stories and roadmaps to success, along with motivational tips for listeners. She has talked to eventologist Tim Yap, content creator Camille Co,  and rheumatologist Dr. Ging Zamora, among many others. As a naturally optimistic and enthusiastic person herself, Chan gets to set the podcast’s tone and theme to reflect her positive view on life. 


3. Michelle “Mish” Tan of Mishconceptions

Working as a banker and the New Media Head of CHiNOY TV, Mish Tan enthusiastically unleashes her creative side via her own podcast, Mishconceptions. Finding enjoyment in playing with words, her podcast’s title features her own nickname and common misconceptions about situations, ideas, and beliefs that are worth unpacking. With every episode, she shares her perspective and knowledge about the topic at hand, inspired by her own life experiences and challenges. What’s more, as an achie in her own personal life, she  hopes to offer guidance for her listeners that are going through the same things she did.


4. Stan Sy of On Deck

Radio DJ and voice talent, Stan Sy, hosts his own podcast called, On Deck, to introduce talented people from the local radio industry. Each podcast episode gives Sy the opportunity to converse and learn more about each of his guest’s life, thoughts, and radio journey. The discussion between radio hosts and voice talents paints a picture of what the radio industry is like in the Philippines.



5. Stanley Chi of The Underpaid Podcast

Hosted by comedian Stanley Chi, the podcast is based on his bestselling book, Office Petiks. The humorous podcast features a series of work-related topics, issues, and challenges while providing solutions and tips on how to survive the workplace. Chi invites different people who are willing to reveal their own stories, resulting in a lively discussion in every episode.


6. Dennis and Thammie Sy of Our Parenthood 

Our Parenthood podcast is an ongoing series of talks between the two hosts, Dennis and Thammie Sy, that generally focuses on parenting, marriage, and family life. The goal of their podcast is to help provide nurturing tips on couple and family relationships. They also strive to strengthen the marriage and family bond of their listeners amid problems that inevitably occur at home, as well as during the pandemic.


7. Steph Sayson of Develop Me for We

When Steph Sayson was in her early 20s, she left her stable job in the corporate world to pursue her passions. She believed that that life stage was the best time to find one’s direction and take as many risks as possible. One of her passion projects is being able to share her personal experiences and reflections with others through her podcast, Develop Me for We. She aims to uplift her listeners and help them tweak their habits to become their best selves. The episodes all reflect positivity, productivity, and the importance of becoming a better person for others and not just yourself.


8. Chichi and Sansan of Kwentuhan Sessions

Behind Kwentuhan Sessions is a Filipino-Chinese couple who talks about life experiences in Manila and personal thoughts on various matters. ChiChi and Sansan invite a range of guests on their podcast, including experts on the topic at hand. They chat about relatable subjects that usually revolve around relationships, culture, and social issues.

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