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CHiNOY TV Podcast ‘Rise Up with Janeena Chan’ Returns for its Second Season

Returning for its second season is one of the country’s leading health and lifestyle podcasts, Rise Up with Janeena Chan!

Starting out with an initial run of 13 episodes filled with real-life stories and heart-to-heart conversations, Rise Up with Janeena Chan is an easy-listening podcast that draws inspiration, provides strength, and empowers individuals to rise up during the challenges of the times. 

The show, which features a wide variety of industry speakers and guests, is produced by the CHiNOY TV Podcast Network and presented by titular host Janeena Chan. For this season, the CHiNOY TV team is collaborating with Podcast Network Asia, a tech and media start-up that has expanded to more than 100 podcast series since its inception in 2019, with the mutual aim of creating accessible and valuable audio-based content for audiences all over the world. 

“This podcast is one for the mind, heart, body, and soul,” said Janeena Chan, sharing her new trademark catchphrase for the show as we navigate through tough times. “From stepping out of comfort zones to unraveling the true meaning of self-love, worth, and success, these day-to-day dialogues are created to fill days with conversations that matter.”  

In line with this, the upcoming season’s first episode airs on Saturday, April 10. It will introduce media personality, cosmetic surgeon, and entrepreneur Hayden Kho.

“During these extraordinary times, it is important now more than ever to introduce this semblance of normalcy and positivity — to share individual experiences that allow us to realize that there is more to life than what we now see on the screen,” explained CHiNOY TV CEO Alvin Tan. Rise Up with Janeena Chan is a reminder of the lives we lead in spite of the pandemic. The journey we walk is longer than the ground that we are now stumbling on.”

Michelle Tan, managing partner of the CHiNOY Podcast Network, also commented on the value of creating content that explores the Filipino capacity for imagination and the timeliness of this season’s collaboration with Podcast Network Asia, which has grown to be the largest podcast network in the Philippines. 

“The podcast industry in the Philippines has yet to reach its golden age,” said Tan. “There is still so much potential in this platform. We are very excited about the partnership with Podcast Network Asia for this second season. We believe that we will be able to create interesting and inspiring conversations through each episode we produce.”

Rise Up with Janeena Chan is available for listening on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and Radio Public. 



Stay tuned for more updates on the podcast by following us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with our social handles @chinoytv and @janeenachan. Rise Up with Janeena Chan will be back with more entertaining content sooner than you can blink!

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