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Different types of Chinoys you’ll meet in College

You’ll start meeting new people when you enter college. For sure, you’ll meet Chinoy students along the way. There are different types of them given that each comes from different high schools with different backgrounds.

Have you already met someone like any of the following Chinoy students?



One of the Chinoys you might meet in college is the ABG (Asian Baby Girl). She is always glammed up in every class and wears the most stylish outfits every day. ABGs can often be intimidating but once you get to know them, you’ll realize that they are super kind and are easy to get along with.


The ‘Hype Beast’

Another type of Chinoy that you will meet in college is the typical ‘Hype Beast.’ These students are often seen wearing expensive brands as outfits when going to school, are often perceived as ‘mayabang‘ or ‘not friendly,’ but could actually be great friends because they have among the most chill personalities.


The Studious Student

You’ll also meet The Studious Chinoys who are commonly students who are academically competitive and strive hard to get good grades.  They also try to join as many college orgs as possible so that they will learn a lot and apply new experiences in their future jobs. Oftentimes, people think they are introverts or that they are only studying and are always busy with org work 24/7. However, they can be one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet in college.


The One with the ‘Strict’ Parents

One of the most common types of Chinoy you’ll meet in college are the Chinoys who have strict parents. These students often have strict parents who want them to be home immediately after class. Whenever you ask them to hang out, oftentimes they say “no” because their parents don’t allow them to. Most of the time, you may only be able to hang out with them in school. However, the ones with the strict parents are the ones who are the most caring and most disciplined friends you’ll ever meet, whom you will definitely need in college.


The One with the ‘Chill’ Parents

Lastly, In contrast to the Chinoys who have strict parents, some Chinoys have ‘chill’ parents who allow their kids to go out often. These Chinoys are often seen wherever their friends decide to go. Regardless if it is in the afternoon or late at night. Being friends with Chinoys who have “chill” parents means that you can actually drag them along wherever you want to go whenever you want.

Disclaimer: This personal essay is not intended to generalize or stereotype people. It is just an observation based on the author’s personal experiences. You may have a different take. Let us know in the comments section.

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