Check this out! Louis Vuitton releases its own luxurious Mahjong set 

The 2020 Savoir Faire Collection Exhibition held in Taiwan featured various unique Louis Vuitton (LV) products including a Mahjong set made of jade. The luxurious product prices itself at NT$2.3 million (P3. 8 million), higher than Hermès‘ ‘Helios Mahjong Set.’

Screenshot from Instagram | @elletaiwan


According to Elle, the Mahjong set comes with its iconic trunk, which allows you to carry it wherever you go and let you play anytime you want. 

Aside from the normal pieces seen in a Mahjong set, it also shows some of Taiwan’s features, from having the country’s map attached to the box to having Taiwan’s national bird engraved in the first bamboo tile. 

Screenshot from Instagram | @elletaiwan

Sadly, not everyone is able to purchase this as there are currently only 10 sets available in Taiwan.

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