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Why Chinoy Ladies Should Try Soft Glam Makeup

Since 2019, the makeup trend called, “soft glam,” has been popular among the Western beauty community. Recently, the glam look has also taken over Asia, thanks to your favorite Chinese idols and actresses. The reason? It allows you to accentuate your features in an understated way, while looking luminous. It’s perfect for Chinoy ladies who want to subtly transform their makeup look, which can be achieved with makeup brands suited for Asian skin.

Here’s how you can achieve the soft glam look for your next party or Zoom meeting: 

Kim Chiu. Photo by @chinitaprincess.

Soft Glam

Soft glam makeup focuses on neutral, diffused, and monochromatic shades, which should be blended well. Overall, the makeup should be like a soft Instagram filter for one’s face, minimizing sharp lines and harsh edges and making her natural features stand out. As a result, Chinoy ladies will appear radiant and youthful. 

Luminous and seamless base

Having a full-proof base can be achieved by opting for a dewy or soft matte foundation. To look natural, it’s best to use a foundation shade that matches your skin tone. The skin should be prepped and primed before the foundation, so the foundation blends seamlessly onto the skin.

Next, use a translucent powder and lightly dust it on the parts of your face that tend to be oily, such as the forehead, nose, and chin. Then, apply it lightly on the cheeks, so that your contour and blush won’t be patchy. Don’t put the powder on your entire face to avoid looking cakey and to maintain a subtle glow from the foundation. This way, you’ll end up looking fresh! 

Janeena Chan. Photo by @janeenachan.

Neutral hues 

The soft glam look is also easy to achieve. To lay down the groundwork, you can simply use neutral shades. Accentuate your features by using a cool-toned contour shade on your temples, cheekbones, and jawline. Afterward, highlight the high points of your cheeks, brow bone, nose bridge, and chin with a champagne highlighter. To glam up your look, use shimmery neutrals for your eyeshadow with a soft eyeliner. Last but not least, to balance everything out, use a neutral lip color.

Monochromatic look

To switch it up a bit, use a warm-toned eyeshadow to match your bronzed cheekbones. Make sure that your eyebrows look feathered and smooth in order to attain that soft yet glamorous appearance.

Also, to showcase your eyes, line them with black liquid eyeliner to balance the light neutral eyeshadow. This is suited for Chinoys with monolid eyes since it can make their eyes look bigger. For a more youthful look, you may opt to use a pink blush that matches your lip color. This way, your makeup will be monochromatic and cohesive as well.

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