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Discover Your Chinese Zodiac Forecast with Feng Shui Expert Kevin Foong

Singapore-based Master Kevin Foong with host Valerie Tan


At the Globe myBusiness virtual event Modern Tao Ke: Feng Shui Tips for Your Business in 2021, Singapore-based Master Kevin Foong shared not only the economic outlook for 2021 based on Feng Shui but predictions based on your zodiac as well. This is exciting because Master Foong’s predictions are famous for being extremely accurate. You may want to bookmark this article for future reference to check if his predictions did come true.

First things first, make sure you know your zodiac. You can log on to to plot your birthday details to find out your Chinese zodiac sign. Make sure to include the time because the more accurate your details, the more accurate your forecast.  You can get a combination of up to 4 different animals based on the information you put in, the hour can affect your children and employees, the day can affect you and your spouse, the month affects your family and your career, while the year represents external influences like your friends.

Now that you’re equipped with your zodiacs, Foong shares the zodiac rankings for 2021. The rankings show you how lucky your zodiac will be this year and which aspects of your life will improve.


  1. Monkey
  2. Dog
  3. Horse
  4. Tiger
  5. Rat
  6. Rooster
  7. Dragon
  8. Snake
  9. Pig
  10. Goat
  11. Rabbit
  12. Ox

The Learners: Pig, Goat, Rabbit, Ox

Foong says these zodiacs must gain new knowledge. This is the time to learn things because they will be very valuable to your business. The Master also calls these zodiacs the learners this year because there will be things that happen in 2021 that you will need to learn from.

The Achievers: Rat, Rooster, Dragon, Snake

He says that these are the zodiacs that are in the middle class but are moving towards first class. Increase your momentum because things will happen fast for you!

The Winners: Monkey, Dog, Horse, Tiger

These are going to be the zodiacs that will do very well this year, so you’re very lucky if you find a monkey anywhere on your zodiac chart.

Knowledge Seekers: Dog, Rat

It’s all about learning new things this year.

Fame & Popularity: Rooster, Snake

If you have either of these animals on your chart, be ready for people to pay close attention to you and your work. But be careful because popularity is good if you know how to utilize it.

Romance: Horse

If you’ve got a horse in the hour or day portion of your chart, it strengthens the chances of you finding love soon. So while Valentine’s Day may be over, you might have someone to bring home to meet your family by Christmas.

The Wealth Gainer: Rat, Snake, Monkey

This talks about business and investments. If you have any of these on your chart, that’s where you’re going to be earning your money from.

Mr. Authority: Rooster, Ox, Monkey

This means that you’ve got great promotion potential this year. If you own a business, your business will expand, according to Master Foong.

Master Foong now gets into a more detailed forecast for each sign. And while he shares forecasts, he reminds us that free will contributes 1/3 of your fortune!


  1. Start looking into partnerships. Whether it’s looking into franchises or mentorships, welcome business partnerships this year!
  2. Take care of your health this year and always wear a mask.


  1. It is time for change. Look internally and think about the things that you can change and improve, and next year your luck may just pick up.
  2. Be wary with how you communicate this year because you may be misunderstood.
  3. Stay away from any dangerous activities this year.



  1. There are a lot of supporters coming your way, whether it be friends or business partners.
  2. Talk to more people and be more social. It will pay off this year.
  3. Stay focused on what you’re doing and work through any frustration and boredom you may feel.
  4. Don’t spread yourself too thin across your interests.


  1. Beware of signing contracts without thorough inspection this year.
  2. Read the fine print.
  3. Consult professionals when in doubt. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


  1. You will gain popularity and fame this year, but that also means you will get more haters.
  2. Learn to ignore the people bringing you down and focus on your goals and supporters.
  3. Look to women for support. They will be your biggest allies this year.


  1. Whatever you do this year will result in your desired outcome as long as you take the first step!
  2. Like the dragon, your success will bring out the haters, but ignore them.
  3. Let your success speak for itself.


  1. Money is coming your way!
  2. Focus on problems your business can solve and cater to that.
  3. You’ll also be lucky in the romance department, being more alluring to the opposite sex. While this is great when you’re single, it’s a trap to those in relationships.


  1. You’ll be spending a lot of money this year, might as well spend it on things that will give you fruitful returns.
  2. This year may not be the easiest year for you, but it won’t be that difficult either.


  1. You have a lot of supporters this year, so don’t be afraid to go out into the world and meet new people.
  2. You have high chances of getting a promotion.
  3. Your authority and influence are raised, so look into expanding your business and how you can prosper in the year of the pandemic.
  4. Take more action this year and you will see good results.


  1. You are ready for growth and expansion.
  2. You are also ready to fix what has not worked in the past.
  3. Get a blood test. It mitigates the inclination for injury this year, so get it done early.


  1. Be prepared for changes in your career!
  2. Diversify the audience of your products and business — the market is ready for you.
  3. Keep away from gossip and scandals or you’ll find yourself in the center of it.


  1. Do not stay static in one location. Get up and do things.
  2. Get busy, expand your business, keep moving, and you will get to the next level.
  3. Do your exercises, get enough rest, and eat healthy to prevent sicknesses.

You can watch a more detailed forecast for your zodiacs here, and learn even more from Master Foong!


Globe myBusiness partnered with CHiNOY TV for the virtual event, Modern Tao Ke: Feng Shui Tips For Your Business in 2021, and it is one of the many projects of the Modern Tao Ke Campaign, which aims to help and guide Chinese and Filipino entrepreneurs as they reinvent their success this year.

For more activities and exciting promos of the Modern Tao Ke, stay tuned to Globe myBusiness and CHiNOY TV’s Facebook pages this 2021, and equip yourself for growth and prosperity.

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