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Street food we miss in our Taiwan trips

Every Chinoy foodie would probably know that aside from Hong Kong’s Street Food, Taiwan is another dream destination for a food trip galore. It is the definition of a modern city filled with street food. From night markets to bubble tea shops, here is a list of street food that we all miss on our Taiwan trips!


1. Oyster Omelette

Photo courtesy of Aroma Asian

One of Taiwan’s specialties is this Oyster Omelette! It is a tasty mix of sweet potato starches, eggs, lettuces, and oysters.


2. Peanut Ice Cream Roll

Photo courtesy of Dessert Story

This spring-roll lookalike does not sound as appetizing as it actually is! Peanut candy and cilantro would probably gain you questioning looks from foreigners but this is something most people actually enjoy!


3. Chicken Cutlet

Photo courtesy of 8 days

Chicken cutlets are deep-fried chicken breasts that are seasoned with a special salt and pepper powder. It is usually best eaten during the winter but of course, it is still a favorite street food all year round.


4. Grilled Squid

Photo courtesy of dreamstime

The grilled squid would probably lure you to the store the moment you catch a whiff of it! It has a chewy texture and a mouth-watering smell that would have you coming back after you’ve finished one!


5. Flame Grilled Beef Cubes

Photo courtesy of Raymond Tan

This is probably the most instagrammable street food ever. Especially while the vendor starts to blow the fire torch on that perfectly marbled meat.


7. Pearl Milk Tea

Photo courtesy of HYPEBAE

Did you really go to Taiwan if you haven’t tasted milk tea in the night markets? In Taiwan, we probably see a bubble tea shop on every corner. The country is known as the home of bubble tea and the most famous one is the Pearl Milk Tea which includes those irresistible and chewy tapioca balls. If you aren’t a fan of pearls, there is a wide variety of Milk Tea that you can still try out!


What’s the Taiwan street food you miss the most?

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