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Travel Channel: Places we miss on our Taiwan trips

From busy streets to national parks, Taiwan is known to be loved by a lot of tourists for its friendly locals, bustling shopping centers, interesting parks, and mesmerizing night markets that offer a wide variety of cuisines. As we wait while global travels slowly resume, we can’t help but think about the five places we miss the most on our Taiwan trips:


Kenting National Park

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One of the oldest national parks in the country, Kenting is a very popular tourist destination filled with picturesque views in every corner. Tourists would often visit this park to enjoy its beach and breeze.


Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is the biggest waterway in the nation and is a mainstream tourist spot among locals and visitors. You can go cruising on the lake, have a wondrous hike, or bicycle ride in the slopes to enjoy the scene of its peaceful waters and appreciate the stunning landscape. Aside from its beautiful nature scene, there are also temples that you can visit, as well as a cable car to enjoy the whole scenery in a bird’s eye view.


Taroko National Park

Filled with refreshing nature and beautiful landscapes, this public park is very much a must-visit when you travel to Taiwan. Taroko Gorge is the main highlight of this park along with its steep valleys, mountains, and more. People who enjoy outdoor activities would love this place as there are a number of activities that one can do such as river rafting, hiking through the canyons, and even bathing in the Baiyang Waterfalls.


Alishan National Scenic Area

Alishan National Scenic Area is filled by around 25 mountains. Walking through its hills, valleys, waterfalls, and forests feels like you just entered a magical place because of its unbelievably beautiful scenery. There are numerous ways to get you to some of those picture-perfect views! Tip: The best way to see most of the area’s highlights is to take the Alishan Forest Railway.



Like a bubble of life and energy, the busy city Kaohsiung is the third most populous city in the island-state with a wide range of people, cultures, and communities. This is the perfect place to do outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling to enjoy Instagramable modern views. Aside from being a busy city, Kaohsiung also houses a number of historical sites with new museums introducing itself each year.

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