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Episode 8: The 5 F’s from Plains & Prints Owner Roxanne Ang-Farillas

Having trouble balancing your career with your personal life? For this podcast episode, Plains & Prints owner Roxanne Ang-Farillas shares valuable tips from her career and life journey of balancing her 5 F’s: Faith, Family, Fitness, Food, and Fashion.


Being a hands-on leader

Roxanne Ang-Farillas is a driven and creative individual who is behind the success of the fashion brand, Plains & Prints. She always strives to create original designs and apparel. Even with a successful company, she maintains being hands-on, working with various teams: a fabric design team and creative team, along with merchandising, marketing, and e-commerce. She stresses the importance and responsibility of every entrepreneur of overseeing all the processes to keep the business running.


By the Filipino, for the Filipino

Roxanne proudly shares how her brand continues to provide job opportunities for her fellow Filipinos. Since her brand’s materials and collection are 80% Filipino-made, they represent and support the culture and style of the Philippines.  She also continuously innovates and collaborates with Filipino designers and photographers to showcase local talent.


Life is a never-ending learning process.

During the lockdown, Roxanne thought of new ways to appeal to the market, and she continued to design products that would cater to the customers’ needs all throughout the pandemic since they have “shifted their preferences.”

She went on to remark how life tends to be a “never-ending learning process” and continues to teach you new things. She added that even our mistakes make us a better person and that we should never be afraid to fail because we would eventually learn from our mistakes and failures. 


Balancing work and fun

Every business must be taken seriously, but it can also be fun. What could make it enjoyable is letting the business reflect who you are so it doesn’t seem like work at all. For instance, Roxanne shares that even if her other brand, RAF, may be smaller than Plains & Prints, she makes it a point that RAF’s designs draws inspiration from her personality.

In addition, quality time with her kids includes business talk during dinner, which was also how her family raised her. What’s more, health is something she takes into consideration as it’s important to exercise daily, not just to maintain her figure, but for health benefits as well. 


Have faith.

With everything that’s going on right now, people tend to lose hope and may become depressed, but Roxanne reminds us to be patient and to have “faith that things will get better” since life is simply a “cycle of ups and downs.”



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